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A FREE Trip to the Zoo (and other fun Museums)

I love going to zoos. Growing up, I would go to the Phoenix and San Diego Zoos (setting maybe my expectations a bit high). The Bronx Zoo is pretty amazing too. My roommate in Hoboken insisted it was the best, but I said San Diego was. We agreed to disagree and that adults shouldn’t fight over zoos.

I have not been to the Houston Zoo yet. I realize it will be much smaller, but small zoos can be good too (I loved the zoo in the middle of Central Park in NYC. They have penguins).

Did you know that the Houston Zoo offers FREE admission... on the 1st Tuesday of every month, from 2pm-6pm. If I lived Downtown, this might be of more use to me.
Rare fox at the Central Park Zoo
Even better: Bank of America card-holders receive free admission to the Houston Zoo (and The Children’s Museum and Fine Arts Museum) the first Weekend of every month!

Bank of America has a program called Museums on Us®, and BofA Credit/Debit card holders receive free admission. Right now, it looks like 150 Museums/Zoos in 29 states are participating. The fine print: Free admission is for the name on the card, you’ll still need to pay for a kids admission if you’re bringing the family.

Check out the Bank of America Museums on Us® site for more information! The Central Park Zoo is not a Participant. But the BRONX Zoo is! And so is the Met! Oh my!

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