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Playing in the Kitchen: Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Look at me, I made a loaf of bread! After making the Macaroni Grill Bread, I decided I wanted to try again, with a difference recipe, and make more of an everyday bread. After scouring the Food Network and Martha Stewart websites (to no avail) I went to The Pioneer Woman. And found a recipe for that “special” kind of bread we never buy in the store unless it’s on sale.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

The verdict: This bread is pretty tasty, as long as it is heated in some fashion. Like toasted with butter. It is also FABULOUS made into French Toast. Seriously, you should make this bread for no other reason than to make it into French Toast. OhMyGoodnessGracious.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread Toast & French Toast

The Pioneer Woman has already done a fabulous job photographing the entire process. So I’ll just share what I learned during said process.

For one thing, the yeast doesn’t seem to make the milk/butter mixture foam like I thought it would. I was genuinely afraid I had killed the yeast and the dough wouldn’t rise, but I continued onward, and was much relieved when the dough doubled in size like it was supposed to.

Another, much more important thing, the dough is very sticky! The dough hook to our Kitchenaid Mixer has been misplaced, so I thought I’d just do the 10 minutes of kneading by hand. WHAT. A. MESS. I looked like a 3 year old playing in mud. Very fun, but less than graceful.

This tedious part of the process could have been avoided with one of these:


Now that I see how little a replacement hook costs, I feel silly for not getting one a long time ago. But you KNOW as soon as I order one, I’ll find the original in a cabinet somewhere. But that’s OK. At least it’ll mean I can make this bread again. And make that bread into French Toast. Fantastic!

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