In My Life, I've Loved Them All

Lets go LAKERS!

Yay BasketballOf all the professional sports around, I’ve always loved basketball the most. Perhaps it was because I was awkwardly tall as a child, who knows… and it’s always seemed like I have gone against-the-grain when cheering for teams… When I was a kid, the huge rivalry was between the Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan) and Phoenix Suns (Charles Barkley). Technically, I was born in Arizona, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me to cheer on Barkley and the Suns.
I grew up in SoCal, surrounded by Lakers fans, and it seemed perfectly normal to cheer on the local team… until I got to college. I didn’t understand why my new east-coast friends couldn’t stand the Lakers or the thought that I could be on their side. I didn’t give them grief for liking the Sixers (even though Allen Iverson is SUCH a punk) or the Blazers. They had to teach me that being a Lakers fan was like being a Yankee fan (i.e. the rest of the world hates your team and its fans). Who knew? After that, it just became fun to cheer on the Lakers buahahah.

Alas, time has moved on, and the Lakers team I once loved has dispersed across the NBA. I’ve been in Texas for over 2 yrs now (eeek) and have been following the Rockets. They are such an awesome team to watch, because they really do play like a team… and their crazy streak this season kept the entire city on the edge of their seats :)
Unfortunately, yet again, the Rockets did not make it past the 1st round of playoffs. The Jazz advanced and were crushed by the Lakers buahaha.
Once again I find myself surround with rival fans (Spurs fans even though Houston has its own team, blasphemous I say…). The Spurs… who beat my Phoenix Suns… who beat the rising New Orleans Hornets… who totally BLEW IT in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (up 20pts and still LOSE)... hahaha freakin Spurs.
Lakers beat Jazz… Spurs beat Suns… in summary

GO LAKERS!’s a no brainer :)

2 hours I’ll never get back

I very much enjoy watching movies. I watch all sorts, and try to keep a pretty open mind… every movie is someone’s artistic vision and what not. My list of horrible-do-not-waste-your-time-or-money films is quite short… but OMG it definitely has a new addition.

James McAvoy... one of the only worthy elements of this movie

I’ve been meaning to watch the movie Atonement for a while, and had the 2 hrs to spare before bed. I can stand Kira Knightly, and James McAvoy is defiantly easy on the eys… but OMG I cannot get over how incredibly horrible this movie was. I went in thinking it would be a dramatic love story, something gushy like The Notebook or at least somewhat romantic like Cold Mountain… BUT NO. It was sooo slow, and did not nearly develop the relationship between the two main characters to have you even care/get past the fact that it was so slow. Hopefully I am not the only person who gets extremely upset when the trailers for the movie sets you up and the movie itself is completely different (example: Cast Away … oh that one makes me so mad too).

Atonement also had one of the worst conclusions in history, if it could even be called a conclusion. I learned in elementary school to never end a story in such a weak manner… because it leaves the audience angry and upset. Arrgg.

As the credits rolled, I tried my best to imagine the mindset of someone who could have liked this movie… and I drew a blank. Geesh. Maybe someone out there could enlighten me…

You can’t unlearn things

For a while I’d thought I turned into a genuine pessimist/realist/all around anti-optimist, a regrettable change from the person I used to be in High School. But in the past few days, I’ve come to realize that is not the case… I’m still genuinely seeing the best in people, and in situations, to the point it makes me look like a naive idiot. But maybe the world would be a better place if there were enough naive/hopeful people trying to see the best in things, no matter how hard reality challenges this.
Stay positive
In the past few days, I’ve learned several things that have just shook my social world… putting politics and world-crisis’ aside to worry about my social life seems a bit petty and trivial… but when you find out truths that challenge the foundation that you’ve been building your life around, it can be pretty hard to sleep at night. It’s amazing how one truth, one piece of information can make me so upset.

At first I wish it had never been said, that I had never learned about it. But there is no going back, it can’t be ignored. And in the end, I’m probably a better person now that I know. It breaks my heart and is further justification for one of my negative theories on life… but I have decided not to let it bring me down. I appreciate that there are people in my life who can challenge my sensibilities. The world is full of so many different types of people, some are good, some take my breath away, some break me out of my shell, some hurt me, some are just truly despicable… and I am fortunate to have all of them in my life, for every relationship helps me grow as a person.

I’m still blown away… or not. In the moment, I really just wanted to start crying. I was mad at the people and mad at myself for believing in some fantasy. Looking back now, I’m glad that’s how I reacted. It means I still care and that I still believe in good in the world… just because it wasn’t where I thought it was, doesn’t me it no longer exists.
Luckily, I still have the kind heart I’ve always had… and now I have confidence, maturity and a bit of an east-coast edge to go with it. All my life experiences have made me that way, and I appreciate every one.

Tulips and Frogs

I love fresh cut flowers, having them in a room always seems to bringten things up. AND I was lucky enough to find some fabulous tulips at 11pm the night before mothers day! (My usual shift gets me out of work at around 11, so technically I wasnt procrastinating…)

Pretty Tulips

Since I bought the flowers and arranged them on my own, it made a beautiful and affordable gift :) Typically, you can find a nice, reasonably priced glass vase at a craft store, a Dollar Store (which seem to be on every other corner here in Texas)... or under your kitchen sink for the last time you recieved flowers.

To give it a professional looking touch, you can use a “frog” to keep the flowers looking arranged in the vase. Sometimes you can find a vase with a custom “frog” lid… it is full of holes at you can stick the stems in. You can also use clear tape to create get the same results… just stretch pieces of tape across the opening in a criss-cross pattern. Make sure the squares in between large enough for the stems to fit through!

Some more tips on Flower arrangement from Matha Stewart

Handy Hints and Tips

Flower Arranging 101

Back on the Blog-Wagon

Julia Child, my hero :)I know, I said this before, but this time I mean it… I am going to make a honest effort to start blogging regularly again. A fell off the radar there (again), but I really have had somewhat of a life since last Fall.
Maybe it’s because I’m reaching the start of my 27th year… I’m feeling so old yet still young at the same time… if that makes sense. Sometimes it seems like I’ve lived so many places and experienced so much, I should be turning 50.. then other days I’ll tell myself how I’m still young and have plently of time to figure out what I’m doing with my life (Julia Child did even start cooking until she was in her 30’s ya know)...
So, hopefully blogging again will help be gain a better grasp of where I am in life… and I apoligise in advance for my poor grammer :oP

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