In My Life, I've Loved Them All

2 hours I’ll never get back

I very much enjoy watching movies. I watch all sorts, and try to keep a pretty open mind… every movie is someone’s artistic vision and what not. My list of horrible-do-not-waste-your-time-or-money films is quite short… but OMG it definitely has a new addition.

James McAvoy... one of the only worthy elements of this movie

I’ve been meaning to watch the movie Atonement for a while, and had the 2 hrs to spare before bed. I can stand Kira Knightly, and James McAvoy is defiantly easy on the eys… but OMG I cannot get over how incredibly horrible this movie was. I went in thinking it would be a dramatic love story, something gushy like The Notebook or at least somewhat romantic like Cold Mountain… BUT NO. It was sooo slow, and did not nearly develop the relationship between the two main characters to have you even care/get past the fact that it was so slow. Hopefully I am not the only person who gets extremely upset when the trailers for the movie sets you up and the movie itself is completely different (example: Cast Away … oh that one makes me so mad too).

Atonement also had one of the worst conclusions in history, if it could even be called a conclusion. I learned in elementary school to never end a story in such a weak manner… because it leaves the audience angry and upset. Arrgg.

As the credits rolled, I tried my best to imagine the mindset of someone who could have liked this movie… and I drew a blank. Geesh. Maybe someone out there could enlighten me…

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