In My Life, I've Loved Them All

Tulips and Frogs

I love fresh cut flowers, having them in a room always seems to bringten things up. AND I was lucky enough to find some fabulous tulips at 11pm the night before mothers day! (My usual shift gets me out of work at around 11, so technically I wasnt procrastinating…)

Pretty Tulips

Since I bought the flowers and arranged them on my own, it made a beautiful and affordable gift :) Typically, you can find a nice, reasonably priced glass vase at a craft store, a Dollar Store (which seem to be on every other corner here in Texas)... or under your kitchen sink for the last time you recieved flowers.

To give it a professional looking touch, you can use a “frog” to keep the flowers looking arranged in the vase. Sometimes you can find a vase with a custom “frog” lid… it is full of holes at you can stick the stems in. You can also use clear tape to create get the same results… just stretch pieces of tape across the opening in a criss-cross pattern. Make sure the squares in between large enough for the stems to fit through!

Some more tips on Flower arrangement from Matha Stewart

Handy Hints and Tips

Flower Arranging 101

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