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California Love

CA FlagMy vacation days dissappear if I do not use them by the end of the year…. so I am using them wisely and taking a trip to CALIFORNIA! My good friend Laura is getting married, and the reception is right on Lake Mission Viejo in my home town (or at least the town where my High School was… I lived out in BFE).

    Side note: “BFE” seems to be a west coast term… equilivant terms popular on the East Coast are “Bumblef**k” and “Guam”

Cindy Marla BreeI am very excited for my trip! I get to see many High School Friends that I havent seen in years! I also have not had an In-N-Out burger in over 2 years… that is a fast that definitely needs to be broken!

I’m getting to The OC via JetBlue... and airline I have dying to try after learning about it in so many business classes at GW. If I so desire, I can watch the foodnetwork for 6 hrs non stop in my leather chair :D Getting to JFK may be a bit akward… busing it into NYC and then I’ll take an airport shuttle bus (1/2 hr or so) or the subway (about an hour) out to the airport. Subway is longer BUT only $2… I’m not cheap, I’m frugal!

    P.S. Jet Blue has a special right now… if you book 2 or more passengers at once, a flight between NYC and Ca is only $59 each way!

Did I also mention that Marla & Lisa are taking me to see Harry Potter at midnight on Thursday! Laura (the Bride to be) is joining us as well. Awesome!

A trip to disneland is going to round out my weekend, and I’ll sadly return to NYC on Monday. At least I have my all my work set up at Ziff Davis in advance, so hopefully nothing will go too wrong while i am away. Tonight is my last Advertising Class for the fall (I get a certificate, woo hoo) and then home for LOST and a bunch of packing… I am not really too interested in LOST, the people on the other side of the island seem boring but who knows, maybe I’ll like them…

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