In My Life, I've Loved Them All

Summer has come and passed


Somehow another month of my life has come and gone… and it has been somewhat eventful. I’ve recently been doubting what I am doing with my life.. so I went on a nice (free) guided walking tour of Central Park and tried to figure out why I am here/where I am going.

Central Park

to be continued when i find a spare moment…

It is now 10/14… seems I do not have as many spare moments as I thought i would over the past month, and those I do have I save for rest! Can you blame me, I sit in front of a computer all day at work so I dont spend as much time at home online as i did back in those college days.

My august concluded without too much excitement… I basically spent the last 2 weeks getting really excited about my extended labour day weekend in Texas. 6 whole days of no ziff davis, no commuting, sleeping in and yummy texas food. I also picked up a GMAT study guide for my reading pleasure. At the time I was definately considering going back to school to get an MBA a viable option to excape my life here. I got though the book and did a practice test on my flight to Tx. I havent had the time to look at it since.

My time in Texas was great, no complaints.
On the way home from the airport, I joined my mom, brother and sister on a house hunting trip… Adam and Kristi are in the market to get a town house with my dad so he can keep it as a rental when they move out one day. Turns out this was the trip when they found the home they wanted to get… so the remainder of the weekend had a lot of calls back and forth about offers/paperwork etc…. skip ahead to today, and the house is offically closing and my siblings can move in.
40 year Old VirginOther highlights of my texas vactaion were a Bunko party, a brief say at the Indigo Lake Labor day party (just long enough to get some real BBQ brisket… the kind that is started the night before and cooked low and slow… sooooo good!), a trip to the Liz Claborne outlet store to stock up on some more work clothes, plenty of Mexican food, and a trip to the movies with the whole family. There is one theatre in Houston that plays “open caption” movies, where the words are actually on the screen. It is pretty smart, becasue the words aernt just appearing in at the bottom of the screed, but are placed within the picture by which character is talking. There is only 1 open caption picture playing a week though, so not too much option on what to see. That weekend the movie was “40 yr old Virgin” which was pretty good, though not necesseraly a movie most people would want to see with their parents.

The only sad points of the trip were 1) Hurricane Katrina… sitting in the airport early thursday monrning, seeing the devistation on TV and watching busses load up and go to Houston was so sad… and was of course a big topic of conversation where ever you went in houston, about how sad it all is and who is doing what to help. ... and 2) opening the front door to a quiet house. It is just so strange after 6 years of being bombarded by a waggy tail dog the moment he heard the car pulling up… to just walking into a house and nothing happens.

Needless to say I did not want to go back to my blahh job in the city i dont care to much for… but thats life, and it must go on.

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