In My Life, I've Loved Them All

A Christmas Miracle in desguise??

What kind of company lays off someone hours before the holiday pizza party, 4 days before the company holiday party and 10 days before CHRISTMAS! ZIFF DAVIS is who! I never imagined when i woke up today, got on a bus and then the PATH, that it would be my last such commute to 28 E 28th Street. I was “let go” sometime between 10:30 am and 11… then returned to my cube to pack up… Turns out I had a lot of stuff in that cube… 2 sets of stacking dolls, 2 pairs of shoes, my Pointsetta, 2 headsets, Disney VILLIANs poster, 2 penants, my business school graduation present frame, my Hatchet clock… and oh yes, OFFICE SUPPLIES.

I took my stapler, dammit!

I am doing suprizingly well, all things considered. This was by no means my dream job, and I’ve been meaning to leave for a while… they just helped make the decision. And I get a month and a half’s worth of pay without having to step foot back in that office! Yay severance. See, my “position is no longer needed at Ziff Daivs,” the layoff was not “performance related.” Whatever.

Soooooo, who wants to help me find a new job ;)

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