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My California vacation was too awesome! Every moment worked out better than I could have planned! More details to come…

I got my In-N-Out

CA Vacation Photos

Laura’s Wedding Photos

California Love

CA FlagMy vacation days dissappear if I do not use them by the end of the year…. so I am using them wisely and taking a trip to CALIFORNIA! My good friend Laura is getting married, and the reception is right on Lake Mission Viejo in my home town (or at least the town where my High School was… I lived out in BFE).

    Side note: “BFE” seems to be a west coast term… equilivant terms popular on the East Coast are “Bumblef**k” and “Guam”

Cindy Marla BreeI am very excited for my trip! I get to see many High School Friends that I havent seen in years! I also have not had an In-N-Out burger in over 2 years… that is a fast that definitely needs to be broken!

I’m getting to The OC via JetBlue... and airline I have dying to try after learning about it in so many business classes at GW. If I so desire, I can watch the foodnetwork for 6 hrs non stop in my leather chair :D Getting to JFK may be a bit akward… busing it into NYC and then I’ll take an airport shuttle bus (1/2 hr or so) or the subway (about an hour) out to the airport. Subway is longer BUT only $2… I’m not cheap, I’m frugal!

    P.S. Jet Blue has a special right now… if you book 2 or more passengers at once, a flight between NYC and Ca is only $59 each way!

Did I also mention that Marla & Lisa are taking me to see Harry Potter at midnight on Thursday! Laura (the Bride to be) is joining us as well. Awesome!

A trip to disneland is going to round out my weekend, and I’ll sadly return to NYC on Monday. At least I have my all my work set up at Ziff Davis in advance, so hopefully nothing will go too wrong while i am away. Tonight is my last Advertising Class for the fall (I get a certificate, woo hoo) and then home for LOST and a bunch of packing… I am not really too interested in LOST, the people on the other side of the island seem boring but who knows, maybe I’ll like them…


So it’s a rather slow day at work… and for some reason the boss let the sales reps leave at 1pm… but I do not fall into that group, blahh. Not that I would go home, I have an AWNY event at 6pm, but I could do some shopping or whatnot!

While working on my tedious reporting, I have been hashing out the latest episode of LOST (now that the re runs are finally over) with my friends…

Walt in the JungleWALT: Another random appearance with the “im talking backwards” speak. It took me a supprizingly long google search to figure out what he said… you can hear the scene forwards and backwards here... “They’re coming, and they’re close.” So did Sayid really see Walt, or did he tell Shannon he did just so she wouldnt feel crazy/run away again? I’m getting mixed opionions, but really why would he have hesitated if he actually when Shannon went after him?

Sayid and Shannon

WE NEED A STUPID CHARACTERLETS NAME HER CINDY: Though it is lovely to hear people scream my name, I did not find it suprizing at all that the surviror that gets herself lost/captured/killed in the Jungle was named Cindy… sadly there has rearely been a TV episode with an intelligent Cindy character. Case in point: Stupid Daughter on Just the 10 of us = Cindy

SHANNON DIED: Sorry if that spoiled anything for anyone who TiVo-ed or what not… but tough… the mystery now is who killed her. They want us to think that the bitchy-girl-who-never-smiles did it… but if you look at the wound it looks more like a stab... and a good point was broght up, Shannon was near boons grave and the other survivors were a day away… hmm… but we did hear the shot while the camera was on Sayid so we’ll have to see about that one.

Shot or stabbed

And when those flashbacks started being about Shannon, it kind of gave away that she was done for, dont you think? And is it really that upsetting that she is gone? She seemed nice and all, but not much of her to the story… even the flashbacks were not really too revealing. At least we got to see some Boone… but with Boone and Shannon gone, that means they cant be the subject of many more flashbacks, can they? Sad

OHHHH LIBBY: Libby is the Psychologist. Does she look familiar? Trying to be all nice looking at Sawyer’s wound… but maybe JUST MAYBE you Libby were on the boat that took WALT! Are you an “OTHER” or are the people from the tail end of the plane just MAD?? oooooo

Is that Libby on the boat?
Is that girl Libby?
Libby and Cindy
Yeah you should be worried… we’re ON TO YOU

LOST is no X-Files, but it’s fun to talk about while slaving away at work…

Fall Update

I’ve been meaning to write a September Update for so long… and now November is upon us, oh dear. Now the weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter (or at least is seems) and I actually have been pretty busy, but mostly in a good way. He is a rundown…

I am still at Ziff Davis (going on 16 months!). Not to sound like a broken record, but I am looking for a new job, but not just any job, I need the right job that will point me in the right direction.
In early September, I had an interview at Young & Rubicam (courtsey of my contact Stephanie Kugelman) and I think it went very well. The only down side is that they aren’t technically hiring at the moment. But my name is “on file” in case anything comes up. My resume was passed on from the Y&R office to VML, an interactive agency under the Young & Rubicam Brands umbrella. I thought I was a shoe-in and the AE I interview with seemed very positive. But alas, the position was filled by someone else.
Just this week I had a very useful meeting with a recruiter at O’Hare + Associates. Sadly, not many agencies are looking for Jr level account positions at the moment, and that has been the case over the summer as well. It was a very good meeting though in that she was very honest with me in what the state of things is at the moment.

I have been able to do so many exciting things through AWNY, I only wish I had joined the organization sooner!
A real highlight was the Cannes Lions event I went to during Advertising Week at the end of September. I “worked” at the event… held at a Lowes IMAX theatre on the upper west side. Most of the time was spent mingeling with other AWNY young professional, drinking and enjoying the amazing food (some of the cutest or’dovers ever… and main courses and dessert). We all got bags of popcorn as we shuffled into the IMAX theatre to watch an awesome presentation of the award winning ads, strategies and media plans from the past year.

The top winner was Grrrr. You should watch this ad, it is pretty amazing. Its overall theme of positive hate was incrediabely successful. Lindsay is not a particualr fan of the ad, appearently it was played over and over and over in Europe.

There was also a great ANWY breakfast on Friday of Advertising Week, with Kathy Aaronson, CEO of The Sales Athlete. She gave some awesome tips on what to say and ask on a job interview! The really awesome part was that the breakfast was in the New York Times Building in Times Square. The building itself was old and filled with history…sadly I heard that NYT is going to change locations soon, which is a shame, that building is awesome.

My classes are actually coming to a close, sadly. I have been taking the Ad Clubs Advertising and Marketing 101 course like I did last year. There have really been some amazing presentations, and it is so interesting to see the state the industry is at and were it is going.
I have also been enrolled in a 6 week cooknig class through the Hoboken School District, part of their “continuing education” program. It is not what I thought it would be. Actually, it is held once a week in the lunchroom kitchen at the Hoboken High School, and it is no hands-on at all. I dont even get to chop things :( But the class is run by a nice old lady from Australia, who can definitely cook but is not always the best at teaching the reasoning behind things. She prepairs very simple dishes, nothing to gourmet, which is fine, and we all get a small taste at the end. It is at least gettting me to try some new things (brussel sprouts, beats, apple cobbler using lemon juice instead of cinnamon ). I can now roast a chicken and make a homemage veal stock, if I had the time and energy. At least it has been something to do on Monday evenings.

And there you go… exciting stuff


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Seven things I want to do before I die:
1. Hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine
2. Write a cookbook, after earning a degree in Pastry at a top culinary school
3. Start a foundation/non-profit organization to raise money and awareness for neurological disorders
4. Run a marathon in support of my foundation (or other worthy cause)
5. Visit each continent
6. Build my dream home with an amazing kitchen
7. Get Married

Seven things I can do:
1. Sleep with my eyes partially open
2. Build a table, flagpole, tripod and dishwashing station out of rope and sticks (excellent lashing skills)
3. Make wonderful homemade caramel corn
4. Spell in Sign Language
5. Braid my own hair
6. Speak in front of large groups of people w/o notecards
7. Say the 50 states in alphabetical order is under a minute

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Roll my R’s (needless to say, the Spanish language is difficult for me)
2. Read fast… or read for an extended period of time w/o falling asleep
3. Dance
4. Find a new job (apparently… UGH)
5. Cure diseases
6. Cartwheels/headstands
7. Study/Understand history and Politics

Seven things I say a lot:
1. Whatever Whatever
2. Seriously
3. It’s not even funny
4. I need a new job
5. Everybody and their brother
6. No Problem
7. Bitch and a half (not always referring to a person i.e. “Growing out my bangs is a bitch and a half.”)

Seven things I find attractive in a male:
1. Intelligence
2. Can make me smile/laugh
3. Social Tact
4. Great hair cut
5. Strong arms/Shoulders
6. British/Australian accent
7. Trust Fund ;)

Seven celebrity crushes?
1. Jake Jake Gyllenhaal
2. ChristianChristian Bale
3. PhilPhil Keoghan
4. Hugh Hugh Jackman
5. HarrisonHarrison Ford
6. MarkMark Harmon
7. Adam Adam Brody

Seven people who must do this tag, or else…:
1. Monica
2. Kristi
3. Rachel
4. Zan
5. YOU ( your head… right NOW)
6. ...I don’t have a lot of blog happy friends…
7. ...can you tell?...

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