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So it’s a rather slow day at work… and for some reason the boss let the sales reps leave at 1pm… but I do not fall into that group, blahh. Not that I would go home, I have an AWNY event at 6pm, but I could do some shopping or whatnot!

While working on my tedious reporting, I have been hashing out the latest episode of LOST (now that the re runs are finally over) with my friends…

Walt in the JungleWALT: Another random appearance with the “im talking backwards” speak. It took me a supprizingly long google search to figure out what he said… you can hear the scene forwards and backwards here... “They’re coming, and they’re close.” So did Sayid really see Walt, or did he tell Shannon he did just so she wouldnt feel crazy/run away again? I’m getting mixed opionions, but really why would he have hesitated if he actually when Shannon went after him?

Sayid and Shannon

WE NEED A STUPID CHARACTERLETS NAME HER CINDY: Though it is lovely to hear people scream my name, I did not find it suprizing at all that the surviror that gets herself lost/captured/killed in the Jungle was named Cindy… sadly there has rearely been a TV episode with an intelligent Cindy character. Case in point: Stupid Daughter on Just the 10 of us = Cindy

SHANNON DIED: Sorry if that spoiled anything for anyone who TiVo-ed or what not… but tough… the mystery now is who killed her. They want us to think that the bitchy-girl-who-never-smiles did it… but if you look at the wound it looks more like a stab... and a good point was broght up, Shannon was near boons grave and the other survivors were a day away… hmm… but we did hear the shot while the camera was on Sayid so we’ll have to see about that one.

Shot or stabbed

And when those flashbacks started being about Shannon, it kind of gave away that she was done for, dont you think? And is it really that upsetting that she is gone? She seemed nice and all, but not much of her to the story… even the flashbacks were not really too revealing. At least we got to see some Boone… but with Boone and Shannon gone, that means they cant be the subject of many more flashbacks, can they? Sad

OHHHH LIBBY: Libby is the Psychologist. Does she look familiar? Trying to be all nice looking at Sawyer’s wound… but maybe JUST MAYBE you Libby were on the boat that took WALT! Are you an “OTHER” or are the people from the tail end of the plane just MAD?? oooooo

Is that Libby on the boat?
Is that girl Libby?
Libby and Cindy
Yeah you should be worried… we’re ON TO YOU

LOST is no X-Files, but it’s fun to talk about while slaving away at work…

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