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Wear Pants. Get Free Airfare.

This is not a joke! Between now and Saturday (6/9/07), if you spend at least $125 on Dockers® for Men at JC Penny, you will get 1 free round-trip airfare. Dockers® are on sale at JC Penny at the moment too… so for the price of 3-5 pairs of pants, you get a voucher for 1 free round trip flight in America to the following cities: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., or Miami. Quite a deal, considering many companies these days let you wear Dockers® type pants to work.

Of course, there are some restrictions, which you can read all about HERE (

Dont have a JC Penny near by… or LOATH the idea of going to the mall now that school is out for the summer and Malls are teeming with teeny boppers? Well you’re in luck… the offer applies to ONLINE purchases as well. PLUS if you shop online now at JC Penny and spend over $49, you get free shipping! Hey, maybe dad needs some new pants/shorts/belts for Fathers Day. Free Airfare is a good thing :D

Meet The Simpsons

A simple movie poster is just ssoooo yesterday. If you want to draw in the summer movie going crowd, you need a BIG idea… like, life sized! Not that I think The Simpsons Movie will have a hard time drawing crowds… but this was just a cool idea on their part:

This display was at the Galleria Area AMC Theatre, where my family and I go to see Open Caption Movies. One problem: The display was set up RIGHT BEHIND this big pillar, obstructing what could have been a great the shot. If I were the agency, I’d be all over that, making my minions check displays undercover to make sure atrocities like that weren’t occuring/get them to move the display to a better location. I’d also have a minion in front of the displays with a Polaroid camera, at least in the week or so leading up to Opening Weekend. You can even get branded Polaroid prints where that white part at the bottom has your logo/website/whatever the hell you want on it. People love free stuff, and that little photo with your brand all over it would be on Fridges and in Scrapbooks from now until the end of time (or whenever those Polaroids fade). Start some BUZZ and maybe get some PR out of it (the local news is always playing bits of random stuff, this happy Simpsons photo opp could be just the story they need to keep the broadcast from only talking about war, crime, murders and all the other reasons people hate watching the news.)

I could be your marketing minion. Hire me.

First Power Lunch

A few months back I went to AWNY’s VIP Auction. It was an awesome event and I give myself a pat on the back for going all by myself, networking and meeting many other friendly Young Executives. I walked away with an awesome gift bag of goodies, my Barbara K! Tool Kit (raffle prize… still unopened), and most importantly: a lunch with Stephanie Kugelman, Vice Chairman, and Chief Strategic Officer of Young & Rubicam.

Yes, joining AWNY and subsequently attending the VIP Auction were all steps in my master plan to get on the Account Management track in an ad agency. Once the bids had closed and the dust had settled, I was very happy with my win. Y&R is a respectable agency… and coincidently handles the Campbell Soup account ;) After several phone calls with her lovely assistant Phyllis, rescheduling twice and a change of venues, I was finally able to sit down with Stephanie Kugelman at the Bryant Park Grill.

And things couldn’t have gone better…

Of course, I Googled Stephanie Kugelman before the meeting… found out she was the former CEO of the Y&R New York Office before taking her current job, and that she was also on many boards etc etc.

I was sad we had to change locations, I was looking forward to a lunch at Eleven Madison Park but oh well, I was more than grateful that Stephanie was able to fit me into her schedule at all… Bryant Park Grill was alright, the food was not overwhelmingly notable, but it is right behind the Library and on a nice summer day it’s an excellent location. We ended up ordering the same things, iced tea and the salmon… I ordered 1st so I wasn’t trying to copy, though I did find it interesting… maybe that is just the standard “safe” meal to order… maybe I am over analyzing… at any rate the meal didn’t seem to be anything more than what I could have prepared at home… the upside was their kitchen had to smell like fish to make it, not mine :p

The conversation was flawless! I told her all about my interest in advertising, working so passionately in college for the FLA USA-Visit Florida campaign, how I’ve wanted to work in advertising since jr high… all in a very casual yet confident manner… as if talking to your Aunt, not a Top Ad Agency exec. She told me about her job and how she had started at Y&R right out of college, and never left. I think she said she’d been there 34 years! Oh my! She started in the Account Planning side, which usually doesn’t lead to CEO/top management levels… but she was on the right campaigns at the right time. She also asked me about the other aspects of my life… which when I say them out loud does sound like quite a tale… made the jump across the country to go to college, moved to a new city to find the post college career I know I want, re-founding APO on the GW campus (had to through that in ‘cause I knew she was interested in corporate philanthropy )... in the end she was impressed that I was so independent (which growing up definitely wasn’t a word I would have used to describe myself). She could also see that I was genuinely interested in the Account Management side of the business. I didn’t even have to ask (not that I would have, it would have been too tacky)... she told me to send her my resume and she would be sure to arrange a meeting at Y&R. She also offered to look into which recruiters in NYC were best for finding account management jobs beyond just Y&R! Fabulous :D

Literally, not even 2 hours after our lunch, Stephanie emailed me a thank you note and reminded me to send her my resume… I would have taken the first step, but I did not have her email address and she did not bring a business card to lunch (surprisingly). As of today, Stephanie has spoken with the Managing Partner for Account Management and Account Support and it is just a matter of coordinating a meeting.

It was such a wonderful lunch; I got exactly what I was looking for :D I left feeling so proud of myself… and it was nice to have a good experience in what up until then had been a very miserable week. And so my search for an awesome account management job continues….

Cuisinart to FDR

So the email at work is down at the moment… which means our life line is basically cut off… all of my creative info is stored in my email account… lovely.

Tony HawkHere is something cool I found in the mean time. Incentive magazine made a list of the 100 Top Motivators ... it’s a very intersting list of People, Places and Products that have changed our world in some form or another. There’s nothing like random knowledge, you never know when it may come in handy :D

Tisk Tisk, Ogilvy

You should following the world of advertising, it can get very dramatic and soap opera like… what fun! Breaking News: Thomas Early, a former finance director at Ogilvy & Mather’s New York office, was sentenced to 14 months in prison and a $10,000 fine for his part in a plot to defraud the government on the national anti-drug account.

A brief run down of this saga… Since 1999ish, Ogilvy has worked with the United States Goverment (The Office of National Drug Control Policy to be exact) to produce that anti-drug campaign we all know and love ( IF YOU BUY DRUGS, YOU SUPPORT TERRORISM… and others). Turns out, in 1999 Ogilvy underestimated the amount of billable hours they needed to work on the campaing… so someone thought, hmmm, the goverment thinks they need to pay X amount of $$ already, so lets fugde some numbers and bill them for time we were working on other campaigns, we’ll charge the goverment $X like they thought we would… whats the worst that could happen…

Well, turns out thousands of timesheets were doctored to make up for a $3 million revenue shortfall. Granted the White House was spending over $1 billion dollars on the campaign over the course of 5 years … but come on. What criminal mastermind over there didn’t realise that it would probably not be the best idea to screw with the one client that honestly has the law on their side (oh wait, they ARE the law)... and cheating the government out of money is basically cheating the American public out of money. And that makes this tax-payer a bit perturbed.

In the grand scheme of things this may not amount to much, but I have been rejected by Ogilvy twice, so why not smile while hearing about their shortcomings :P Brandweek, my fav ad industry publication, has done a good job of covering the story, if you want more juicy details.

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