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Fun with knots! All you need is a roll of Hemp…

I’ve been cleaning my room and sorting out all of my craft stuff… which of course includes several 1/2 finished projects… and I came across this:

It’s a cool hemp macrame piece, about 1” across, and I think originally I wanted it to be a belt…. but the remaining cord doesn’t seem like it will be long enough to fit around my waist :/

I was thinking, maybe a bracelet/cuff instead?

Or maybe keep going and use it as the strap for a bag… I’m not sure yet. I really like how its turning out and want to make something useful with it.

A friend who saw this asked for the pattern… I’m not sure where I originally saw a pattern, but it is so easy that after the first couple rows, you wont need a pattern. I used a basic macrame square knot for all of the knots. For the instructions below, the strands are “re-numbered” after you complete each row.

I started with 6 long pieces, using the larkshead knot around the ring, to create 12 strands even in length

Row 1 & 2: Use strand 1 & 4 to tie a square knot around 2 & 3; tie 5 & 8 around 6 & 7; tie 9 & 12 around 10 & 11.
Row 3 & 4: Ignore the 2 outside strands on either side (1, 2, 11, 12). Use strand 3 & 6 to tie a square knot around 4 & 5; use strand 7 & 10 to tie a knot around 8 & 9.

Keep repeating those steps over and over until you reach the length you are looking for. Sorry, I am not quite sure how much length of hemp goes into each row (how much you need to start with the get the finished product you want :/)

I hope you find that helpful and not too confusing! The pictures above can help you visualize whats going on. :D

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