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As Seen on TV: Perfect Brownie Pan

Admit it, you love those cheesy commercials! Usually “as seen on TV” type things are good concepts, but the actual product is a bit lacking in quality. If you’re like me, you’re tempted to call in, but usually don’t… knowing you could probably find the item at the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond or Dollar General.

The Perfect Brownie Pan is one of those items that my entire family though was an interesting idea… and wouldn’t you know, my brother got me one for Christmas. Now, this one isn’t the same brand as the “as seen on TV model” and that is fine by me. It seems to be pretty sturdy, construction wise, and the bottom piece has handles so you can lift it up and out, as opposed to the TV version that has a little stand that pushes the bottom up and out (“perfect for entertaining” :| )

Here’s the 3 pieces so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about: The divider, the side of the pan, and the bottom of the pan.

For this brownie pan test, I went with a boxed mix. Actually, for 99% of the brownies made in this house, we use a boxed mix. No shame in that.

Put the bottom piece in the side piece. Spray the whole inside with baking spray. Add batter. Easy enough. I was curious to see how much batter would leak between the two pieces…

Insert the divider straight down into the pan. In my haste, I forgot an important step: SPRAY THE DIVIDER with cooking spray! Opps.

We got a little fancy and put some toffee bits (homemade toffee that is) on a couple of the pieces, just to see what would happen :D

Bake according to your recipe (or side of the box).

30ish minutes later: WE HAVE BROWNIES! I somehow managed to not let an equal amount of batter get into each little segment, so some of the outside pieces didn’t get as big. Or it may be because I did not rotate the pan… or that the outer pan edges get hotter than the inner divider edges. It did not affect the brownie taste, so it’s all good.

One important lesson about this contraption: You need to wait until the brownies are cool before removing the divider. I did not, and thus removing the divider brought along some brownie segments with it.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this pan. It delivered on all of its promises. Brownies tasted just fine and were perfectly separated. Also, only a minimal amount leaked in between the side and bottom pieces.

It worked out so well, we’ve of course “tested” it again, and again :D I think it might be cute to use a cake batter, then frost the top and sides of each piece and decorate like a mini-cake. That is for another day…

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