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The Making of a Penguin Pumpkin

I’m working Halloween night (so I can get Christmas or New Years off, such is life in the hospitality industry) but I was still able to get a little creative for the occasion… the hotel I work at has a pumpkin carving/decorating contest! This is my 3rd year to participate… my last 2 were pretty awesome, but I think this year’s was a crowd pleaser :D I’d love to win, even though I am not sure there’s any type of reward involved :|

Behold! My awesome penguin pumpkin:

It did involve some pattern making and machine sewing… I’m considering making a PDF of instructions and printable patterns and selling it on ETSY… so others can enjoy an awesome penguin pumpkin of their very own!

I attached all of the pieces with straight pins (except the google-eyes of course :|) so they are removeable and reuseable!

Happy Halloween!

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