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It’s a Girl! It’s a Boy!

This month, my cousin Jen and her husband Nick had a little girl, Taylor. Also, my boss Lauren and her husband Chris had a little boy, Chris.

Cousin Jen and baby Taylor
Cousin Jen and baby Taylor Juliette Spears
baby Taylor Spearscute Baby Taylor
I think Taylor is such a cute baby!

Lauren and baby Chris
Lauren Ralph (boss) and baby Christopher John Munshower (Jr.)
baby Chris

Congrats to everyone :D

Cuisinart to FDR

So the email at work is down at the moment… which means our life line is basically cut off… all of my creative info is stored in my email account… lovely.

Tony HawkHere is something cool I found in the mean time. Incentive magazine made a list of the 100 Top Motivators ... it’s a very intersting list of People, Places and Products that have changed our world in some form or another. There’s nothing like random knowledge, you never know when it may come in handy :D

Being original is hard

Since I am such a nerd, I find this very ammusing… it’s traveling around the internet and apparently is not making JK Rowling to happy :p

Also, I have finished Book 6… anyone want to talk shop? Got any theories? Drop me a line…

Star Wars into Potter

One Fish, Two Fish

Manhattan Ocean Club

Every few months or so, my advanced advertising friends and I try to meet up for dinner to catch up on life… which is not an easy task, everyone’s schedules are so busy! Kelly and I were both excited to hear Resturant Week was extended until the end of Summer, what better reason to enjoy dinner out with friends :D I was hoping to go to Bolo (one of Bobby Flay’s resturnats) but, alas, they were only continuing the pre-fix menu for lunch. So I decided we should go to Manhattan Ocean Club… one of the participating resturants I would probably not go to w/o the Resturant Week promo… and Kelly and I both like fish, so there you go.

Lucky for Kelly, I showed up a bit late, which gave her extra time to chat with the cute bar tender ;) Since the resturant was just around the corner from Bergdorf Goodman, Ken was able to join us as well.

After we all enjoyed some beverages at the bar, we were taken to our table… in the back corner… with a less than attentive waiter. I stated with a Spicy Shrimp appitizer and had Salmon as a main course. Both were delicious… the salmon in particural had a very good sause. I was less than impressed with the desert… a milk chocolate ganache tart… sounds like it would be good right? Well the crust was so hard that I could barely get a fork through it, and the filling was nothing that spectacular.

I my year of eating in NYC, I would place Manhattan Ocean Club just in the middle… the main food courses were good which is more than I can say for Barna, but not as interesting as the flavors I tasted at Butter. Butter and Tavern on the Green both had exceptional service, despite the fact I was seated all with young adults ordering off of the pre-fix menu. At The Manhattan Ocean Club, it seemed like the waiter was doing as much as he had to to get by, and it took longer than really necessary to get a check. One a happy note, I do give The Manhattan Ocean Club props for employing a young, cute bartender ;)

Swing and a Miss

Every July, the West Coast sales reps come to the office for the semi annual national sales meeting… which is nice for me, because all of the reps are in meeting all day (not around to ask me questions). One of the big highlights though is the all expense paid dinner celebrating the occassion. Last year, we went to Angelo and Maxie’s, a truely AWESOME steak and seafood resturant. We were overwhelmed by the breads, salads, filet mignon, lobster, oysters, and countless bite-sized desserts. One of the greatest meals I had had in who knows how long… and it was my 1st week on the job ;-) Not to shabby… Ziff Davis was really buttering me up, little did I know what my new job had in store…

Jump to July 2005, the sales reps are back and we are off to dinner again. Needless to say, my expectations were a bit high… and with the all of the success surrounding ZDI, why not treat the employees to nothing but the best?

Giraffe MartiniThe evenign started at the roof top bar of the Hotel Giraffe on Park Avenue. A cute botique hotel, but sadly it was VERY HOT AND HUMID which is not pleasant (I’d take dry heat any day over this). They had pitchers of Sangria (white and red) though neither variety was that exciting (according to others at the table). I took the opportunity to order a Stoli martini instead, but I was also unimpressed by their house speciality the Giraffe Martini. Maybe I would have liked it better had they served it in a Giraffe Martini Glass, but alas, they did not… a PLASTIC martini glass was what i recieved, no joke.

Finally it was time for a meal (any more heat and alcohol w/o food and people would start dropping like flies!) so we made our way to the basment resturant Barna, a Spanish/Tapas resturant. Now, one would expect an assorment of bite-sized spanish food to enjoy… instead we got a pre-fix menu, which is understandable when you have a large party and the company is footing the bill… however, the choices were very limited… first course was a choice of salad or nothing… dessert was a choice of flan or nothing… and dinner was a choice of seabas, strip steak, or a rizoto. None of the dishs screamed Spanish food to me. My steak was very tough and chewy (the food network taught me that this is due to this type of steak being cut incorrectly, which resturants do for presentation sake but sacrafice eatability… lame). The seabass was very dry and may of my colluges did not even eat half of what was on their plate. What was the MOST suprizing thing was the dessert course… the flan that was served was a typical sized portion, nothing to suprizing, however they only placed ONE between every 3 or 4 people! How bizarree, Flan by any account is not really a shareable food.

Needless to say, the food was pretty much a let down. Very sad, seeing as a new mission of mine is to experience as many culinary offerings NYC has while I am here. The only redemption is that it was all company paid, including the car service for a ride back to Hoboken.

Moral of the Story: With the thousands of places to eat in NY, place Barna at the bottom of your list

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