In My Life, I've Loved Them All

“In my heart there lies a memory, and there you’ll always be.”

Cody and Me Good Cody Four Campbell Kids

... lyrics from Fox and the Hound… one of the saddest Disney movies ever. Kristi and Cody But it is true, Cody was a good dog and I have nothing but fond memories. I’m to the point where I can think and talk about Cody without bursting into tears… though looking at pictures is still hard. I am considering going to Texas for Labor Day and I sure it will really hit home then… when Cody isn’t running to the door to greet me, or shedding all over my clothes, or staring at me while I’m eating popcorn hoping I drop a kernal. I’m such a dog person… if I wasnt away from my apt for 10 hrs at a time or if I had a yard I would so get one to keep me company. But I just couldnt do that to a puppy… maybe I’ll get a fish.

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