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baby cody

Cody died yesterday. And I am just devastated. He was only 6 years old, which even for a large dog is very young. I can’t believe my baby is gone…

The story on how we found Cody is really a good one… Kristi, Mom, Dad and I headed to Hunington Beach one Saturday morning in mid January in search of Winter Formal dresses at he Jessica McClintock outlet store. Well, we got there before it even opened… so mom and kristi sat in the car reading and dad went to go buy some coffee. I, liking neither reading nor coffee, heard some puppy yelps in the distance… wouldn’t you know, a pet store was right next to the dress store, and it was OPEN.

The whole front of the store was lined with glass pens w/o tops, so you could reach in and pet all of the puppies! Cody was there with about 5 or 6 brothers and sisters… and after seeing all of the puppies i just had to drag my sister and mom in to see them. Well, the dress store eventually opened and we went to find just the right gown… my dad, having no real interest in dress shopping, hung out in the pet store instead. I can remember my mom coming into the dressing room and whispering “I think dad wants to get a dog!”

On a side note… you must understand at this point in time, our house was a mess and the “lets get a dog” issue had been vaguely brouht up, and shot down just as fast, cause a dog would just chew everything in site, pee on the rug, and who would be the responsible one taking care of it… ALSO, dogs arent impulse buys! You research the breed you want, shop around, go to official breeders or even the pound, prepair your house for the new arrival… no one EVER buys a dog from a pet store, it just isnt done, who knows what their history is!

Anyways, it turns out my dad had been taking several of cody’s brothers and sisters out and playing with them… to see which one he liked best… some just stood there when you set them down, 1 ran straight for the food, but Cody was the one who really seemed to be friendly and want to play :D It had been a long morning, so we left cody in his own pen with a sign that said “Do not touch, this dog is sold!” and went to IHOP for lunch. We spent the meal contemplating names… Dad liked the name Max, but you arent supposed to give pets 1 syllable names because commands are 1 syllable… we also liked the name Jasper, it would have been so cute, except that was my great grand fathers name, and he had died only a few weeks before.

When we returned the shopping center, we picked up 2 formal dresses, a new fuzzy ball puppy, and all of the doggie paraphernalia (we seriously had NO dog stuff to speak of!) ... had to pick up a leash, harness, bowls, bitterapple spray (which supposedly stopsdogs from chewing :p)... and we carried our new family member out in a small blue handeled carton. It was on the ride home, as we listended to Matchbox 20, that we agreed on the name Cody :) Once we got home, the 1st person I called was my friend Marla.. she came over with her sister Lisa and we all gushed over Cody… he was so cute in his little blue harness, looked like a little sled dog. Marla later told me she was nervous that the puppy was going to be ugly, because 1/2 huskey 1/2 german shepard was a hard thing to picture. But oh he was just too cute for words.

To be continued… so I don’t start crying in my cube…

My Cody Album

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