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Grandma’s Stain Spray

Grandma’s stain spray is so simple to make.
And saved my favorite shirt.
Okay. One of my favorite shirts.
It has penguins on it and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for many years to come.
The first time I wore the shirt (FIRST. TIME.) I managed to spill a huge drop of olive oil right down the front.

Grandma's Stain Spray

I pretreated the EVOO stain with Shout spray, left it over night, then ran the shirt through the washer AND dryer.

The penguin shirt came out of the dryer with the EVOO stain still there. Oil stains are the worst… oil stains that have been through the DRYER are basically permanent. My penguin shirt was now a “wear around the house shirt.”

Or so I thought.

I pretreated with Grandma’s Stain Spray, let it rest overnight, and ran through the wash again.
I was so excited to pull the shirt out of the dryer with no more stain! 100% Gone.

Would you like some wonderful stain spray for your laundry room? Here’s how to make some of your own:

Grandma's Stain Spray

Fill an empty squirt bottle with equal parts
JOY Dishwashing Liquid

Spray on stain and gently rub in. For tough stains, let sit over night before washing

I strongly recommend using JOY dishwashing liquid. My family has tried other brands in the past, and for some reason the mixture would turn into an un-useable gel substance. JOY has always worked just fine.

I can’t guarantee the spray will take out every stain you come across, but it works just as well (if not better!) as the laundry stain sprays you’ll find in the supermarket. We’ve been replenishing the same squirt bottle for about 15 years.

I hope you have the same stain-fighting success!

WARNING: Whether cleaning your bathroom or doing laundry, NEVER use bleach and ammonia products at the same time. The combonation of the 2 produces a highly toxic gas. Be Careful, and happy cleaning!

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  1. You should probably warn people not to use this if they’re planning on ALSO bleaching something. You’re going to get people killed, man.

    Comment by Mika — 6/30/2011 @ 8:56 pm

  2. Just a tip that popped to my mind: Make sure if any other kind of dish washing liquid is used that it isn’t one with bleach in it. It can be easy to miss on the bottle, but if you mix bleach and ammonia it’ll make toxic fumes. I found this out when I tried to bleach my toilet, lol!
    Thanks for the article, I’ll definitely try making it :)

    Comment by Rose — 6/30/2011 @ 8:59 pm

  3. Thank you for the reminder about the bleach. I added a warning to the post. We use bleach so rarely in our house, I didn’t think of it at first.

    Comment by Cindy — 7/1/2011 @ 6:22 am

  4. I’ve found that small oil stains generally come out if you dab straight dish detergent on them before washing them.

    Comment by Mallory — 7/1/2011 @ 6:52 am

  5. Cindy,
    Wanted to let you know I ‘stumbled upon’ your site and my jaw dropped as we share the same name. I’m sure it happens all the time, but it was a first for me. I’ve enjoyed seeing what my doppel-name-ganger is up to on your website. If you’d like to learn more about me, see: and

    Happy 4th,
    Cyndee Campbell

    Comment by Cyndee Campbell — 7/1/2011 @ 2:33 pm

  6. Ive made it, used it and its great! Thanks!

    Comment by Mallory #2 — 7/1/2011 @ 6:37 pm

  7. I have used this for years and think it is great.
    Also for oil or grease I have had success using hair shampoo, cuts the grease!

    Comment by Rose — 7/1/2011 @ 7:55 pm

  8. i find that flour/cornstarch/baby powder works well on oily stains. i just shake some over the spot, let sit, and wash as usual. it has worked for me almost every time. i have even “treated” spots on clothing i was still wearing!

    Comment by carol — 7/4/2011 @ 1:34 pm

  9. Lestoil does the same (it must be lestoil not pine sol). Removes grease, grass, ink, almost anything even if it has been washed and dried. Let soak 15 minutes.

    Comment by Kathy H — 7/6/2011 @ 11:05 am

  10. i like the idea a lot. has any one in the UK tryed it with a available washingup detergent???

    Comment by christiane — 7/7/2011 @ 8:06 am

  11. “Grandma’s Stain Spray” really works ..I now have stains on everything.

    Comment by Vincent — 7/10/2011 @ 6:46 am

  12. Just tried it on a grease stain that had been through the dryer. Can’t believe it worked!
    Thanks for the tip.

    Comment by Julie — 7/21/2011 @ 4:45 pm

  13. Hey thereI stumbled upon your web site on The internet the other day and I am quite pleased that I did!
    I honestly like your blogging approach and tips that you create.
    I will bookmark your site for future reference!

    Comment by Larry Sommese — 7/24/2011 @ 1:35 pm

  14. This stuff is GREAT!! It got dried up blood out of egyptian cotton sheets, and dried-on puke out of my polyester comforter! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    Comment by Steph G. — 9/23/2011 @ 1:13 pm

  15. [...] and I want to be able to share my ideas and tips too! When I first logged on, I saw that my post on Grandma’s Stain Spray and already been “pinned” by a TON of people (that really is some great stain-fighting [...]

    Pingback by » Blog Archive » Back in the Saddle Again… — 2/18/2012 @ 4:43 am

  16. I’m sorry I guess I didn’t catch the amounts to use for this spot remover.

    Comment by Shelia Graham — 8/10/2013 @ 9:23 pm

  17. I have always used equal parts of the 3 ingredients… so as long as you use the same measuring decice for all 3 ingredints, you’re set! (i.e 1 cup of water + 1 cup ammonia + 1 cup Joy dishwashing liquid)

    Comment by Cindy — 8/11/2013 @ 11:47 pm

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