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DIY Gifts: Baby Washcloth Roses

Diaper cakes are super cute. And useful to any new mom going the disposable diaper route.
But. They have been done.
In a search for a new idea for a handmade Baby Shower Gift, I came across a video for these cute little roses made out of baby wash cloths and baby spoons (thanks Pinterest!). Technically, I came across several videos on how to make various “bouquets” out of all things baby… but I liked the look of these the best. Also, they require no tape, just tucks and folds.

wash cloth roses

I my mind, that means they’d be easier. But, like most tutorials you find online, it doesn’t come naturally on the 1st try.. or the 2nd or 3rd. That YouTube video most likely took several takes to get everything spot on, but they don’t want you to know that. ;)

Baby Wash Cloth Bouquet

All in all, the mini-arrangement was pretty cute. I added it to a basket with some hooded bath towels and bathtub toys. Handmade and heartfelt gifts are the best :D


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