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Playing in the Kitchen: Chipotle’s Lime-Cilantro Rice

Sometimes your meal plan revolves around this notion: What do we have in the fridge that will probably go bad if we don’t use it soon? This week, that something was Cilantro. Create a whole dinner around a 30 cent bunch of herbs? Why not. Especially when there are limes lying around that need to be used up too.

Chipotle Rice

Chipotle’s Lime-Cilantro Rice
Serves 2

1 cup Basmati or any other long grained rice, rinsed lightly in cold water
1 tsp oil (for that authentic taste use 1 tbsp butter)
1-2 small limes, zested and juiced
1/2 tsp sugar (optional)
about 3 tbsp cilantro
salt to taste

In a skillet, in low heat, add the butter/oil along with rice and sugar. Let the rice get coated with the oil. Once the rice gets aromatic add juice of 1 lime. Stir for a minute.
Transfer rice mixture to your rice-cooker and add water (quantity based on the manufacturer instructions, it should be around 2 cups).
When rice is finished cooking, transfer to your serving dish. Stir in cilanto and lime zest. Add salt to taste.

NOTE: The original recipes I found via Pinterest did not mention lime zest… and the rice turned out not tasting too lime-y at all. The zest (or some squirts or lime juice) at the end of the cooking process will help enhance the flavor.

Rice was a pleasant change to our typical at-home Mexican food dinner. It’s also an inexpensive way to bulk-up a meal/decrease the amount of expensive protein needed for a satisfying entree. Like a Chipotle Burrito!

Chipotle burritos were a staple in college… especially with those “bring the recipe back and get a free burrito” events. My friends and I would acquire lots of abandoned receipts… hey, free food is like GOLD to college students.

Recipe Inspiration:

Source: via Cindy on Pinterest

Pinned it. Did it. – Re-grow Romaine Lettuce

This is one of the 1st Pins mom ever saw once she discovered what “Pinterest” was. In theory, you can RE-GROW romaine lettuce. Just cut off the base and leave it in a dish of water.

Tried it. And this is what you get after about 3 days:

Re-grow lettuce!

So technically, yes, it does work.

But more in an interesting-science-experiment sort of way.

Not a I-never-have-to-buy-lettuce-at-the-store-AGAIN way. By the end of one week, there were enough leaves for one sandwich.

Good to know :D

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