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A Very Merry High School Reunion

MVHS MascotTo go to the reunion or not to go… that seems to be the big question/debate among my fellow classmates from Mission Viejo High. Yes, time has flown by and this June marks TEN YEARS since I graduated, oh dear! Everyone I talk to about it here in Texas has been asking if I plan on going, which to me always seemed like a silly question… as in “Do you want to go home this summer, to beautiful Southern California, to hang out with all your old friends, and NOT be at work for a week or so??” to which the the answer would be YES OF COURSE. And in my mind, that would be the obvious answer as well for my fellow classmates… BUT thanks to the imfamous facebook survey going around, I realise that is not the case. Total bummer. And yes, I can see the reasoning on both sides:

Why to stay away: The event itseld cost about $80. It is at a Hotel by the John Wayne Airport (which isn’t even IN Mission Viejo)... which means sterotypical ballroom, a hotel dinner, cash bar (BOOOO), a “facebook” of where people are now, in a room where you probably dont know 90% of the people. A lot of my friends still live in Southern California, and seem to see eachother on a fairly regular basis anyways. So it would definatly be cheaper to throw a big party with the friends you know (actually WANT to hang out with).
The fact that the event is in June, and no where near were we actually WENT to school is a bit sad. My parents went to High School together in Arizona, and their reuions have always been a BIG freakin’ deal… they go to their alma matter during HOMECOMING and get to ride on a special float through the Town during the homecoming parade. Their school makes a big deal out of their Alumni… this event seems like kind of an afterthought.

Why you should get your butt over there: It’s your freakin’ REUNION! It’s just something you do. Once every TEN YEARS you shell out the money, get dressed up and go. One of those cheesy Mile Stones maybe, but still, 10 years is a significat amount of time. $80 seems like a lot of money for one night, dressed up in a room full of people you barely know… but if you think back, how much where those PROM Bids??? Sure, senior year it would have saved a lot of money to not buy an expensive dress you wont wear again, eat at a classy resturant and join your class (90% of whom you dont know) in a ballroom for an evening… but you do it ‘cause it’s PROM, you can’t not go to your Senior Prom. Also, it’s a convient way to actually get everyone together in the same place at the same time… lots of us are scattered all over the country now, so if I’m going to drop $300 on a plane ticket out there, it’ll be nice to see as many people as I can.

...And, for me at least, the thought of going is actually pretty exciting. Why?? Because I am awesome! I can proudly say I did not peak in High School :D I’m still the overly nice, super sarcastic person I’ve always been, but now I have beauty and confidence to go with it. I’d love to wear a stunning red dress, walk up to the hottest guy in the room and say “Didn’t we have art class together?” or something clever to get him to buy me a drink from the cash bar :D Of couse, a stunning red dress might be just as effective at a party with my acutally friends too.

All in all, I’m making my way out to Southen Califronia this summer… and will most likely be attending the official Reunion… and hopfully some un-official class of ‘99 reunions as well ;) I don’t have to make any offical decisions for a few months… and yes, I’m still the procrastinator I’ve always been too.

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Crafts are Awesome

My latest internet addiction: (as in I totally meant to go to bed around midnight but stayed up past 3am watching videos, reading posts and scribbling down ideas :D)

For one thing, it is nice to know that I’m not the only young adult out there that is totally into crafts (12 years of Girl Scouts got me into it!). It’s cool to see kids my age playing around with their sewing machines and making amazing things!! A lot of the Web-isodes focus around making fashionable items… with I have not quite ventured into yet… but watching has been very inspiring. is all about the DIY (Do It Yourself) and Up-Cycling movement. While DIY sewing and crafts are fun, they also makes a lot of economic sense… a very pertenat issue these days. Every pillowcase I make is one less I have to buy at the store, saving gas money and the expense of a name brand item…and technically a little less polution in the air, less miles on my car, AND I get the joy of making something on the nifty sewing machine. Up-cyclying is the effort to us materials for your crafts that otherwise would be thrown away. The 2 great advanates of this are that less trash is going into landfills (where they will take years or decades to biodegrate) AND crafters are able to save a lot of money on materials! This makes craft projects accessable to everyone, even those of us on a tight budget.

    Good Places to find materials on the cheap:

  • Yard Sales
  • Thrift Stores
  • Trash (things you may have considered throwing away like bottle caps… #6 plastic containers a.k.a. Shrinkie Dink material :D … plastic grocrey sacks etc)
  • Your closet (mine is definatly full of clothes that havent seen the light of day in years)
  • Your Friends (I like collecting buttons, give me your buttons!!)
  • You get the idea… is also extremely supportive of independent designers, and people who just want to sell thier crafts for a living. Check out all the cool stuff on It’s kind of like eBay buy-it-now, except all of the items are handmade! There is a TON of amazing and unique stuff there :D

Christmas in July episode – Threadbanger


Mystery Camera, oh my

So I was sifting through the Junk Drawer in our kitchen (you know you all have one… full of pencils/pens/decks of cards/clothes pins/post-it notes etc…) and I came across this disposable camea:

Mystery Camera

It’s a bit hard to read, but the bottom says Use By 5/2003. 2003?! I was still in College back then! :/ So, I dropped it off at Walmart and for about $6 I get to see what photos lie within… ON THRUDAY. geesh. They took away their 1 hour photo AND their 2 day processing… they pry only are getting like 1 roll of FILM a week (maybe a month) anyways so I guess it’s good business practices for them…

I’ll follow up in about a week then about what exciting photos were on the mystery camera!

You’re gonna go far kid…

I’m rolling my eyes… serisouly, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MR. PHELPS?!

Advertising Age: Kellogg to Drop Olympian Phelps

We originally built the relationship with Michael, as well as the other Olympic athletes, to support our association with the U.S. Olympic team,” a Kellogg spokeswoman said in a statement. “Michael’s most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg. His contract expires at the end of February and we have made a decision not to extend his contract.”

Uncle Scrooge McDuckThis is not about what/if he was smoking… images speak volumes, especially in the advertising world. Michael, Michael, Michael… yes you are an amazing athlete, but the Olympics are over and in the off time it’s the freakin SPONSORSHIPS that are going to pay you way through life FOREVER. You’re too young to be messing that all up! You got to maintain a certain image with you sign on to represent a company that caters to kids, geesh. They paying for an athlete image, not a rock star.

I remember discussing a similar situation back in 2002ish… a successful athlete with a cheesy grin named Mr Kobe Bryant was a star in advertising… then the bad press started and companies had no choice but to drop him like a bad habbit.

First no Wheaties box, now no Corn Flakes. But don’t worry Michael, you’ll get by I’m sure. Speedo and Omega dont seem to mind…

Idea: Michael Phelps could build a big Money Bin like Uncle Scrooge… then he could swim through the money! :D

As Seen on TV: Big City Slider Station

As Seen on TV- Slider Station
This special kind of marketing still exists… direct from TV to customer. Now adays though, you can usually find “as seen on TV” products in retail and grocery stores. My dad saw the commercial for the Big City Slider Station and decided he wanted to try it… turned into a gag-Christmas present. (Side Note: Which “Big City” is know for Sliders?) Well, since Big City Slider Station was something kitchen related, I was put to the task of testing this little invention.

The box it came in was pretty big… so it was a little shocking to see how small the pan was (but when you think about it, it’s making 5 little burgers, and it needs to fit over one burner, ao it makes sense). The pan and lid are actually pretty lightweight (but maybe I’m just used to the heavy calpholon pans in my kitchen) and they seem to be coated (non-stick? dunno). Besides the pan/lid, you also get a little scoop so you can make uniform little burgers and an “instruction” book. I use the term instruction loosely because it doesnt really give you any… but I guess since the product is demonstrated like 50x per commercial spot of 60 seconds, if you can’t catch on you pry shouldnt be using it in the first place.

For you visual learners, I photo-documented my journey:

So I used the little scoop to make all the hamburger balls (sorry that sounds a bit leude, but I cant think of a better way to describe them :P) in advance. 1 pound of hamburger will make about 12 little patties. I heated up the pan and lit over medium high heat (theres no real instruction to do this, but it seems thats the only way the lid will get hot to help in the cooking process). Then it is just a matter of lifting the lid, adding 5 hamburger balls, and putting the lid back on. The first batch I did not push the lid down very hard… but by the 2nd and 3rd try they came out looking very patty like. Once the lid is on, you just wait. It is nice in that the lid keeps the grease at bay, so you can wander around the kitchen and do other things (get out condiments, split rolls, wirte the next great American Novel…). About 3 minutes later, remove the lid and BAM you got 5 mini-burgers.

Big City Slider Station PROS:

  • Truth in advertising… the pan does exactly what it says it is going to do

  • They turn out looking like the picture on the box

  • Little things are fun to eat and all the rage right now

  • The lid made me feel ok to walk away (not to far) during the cooking time

  • No need to flip the burgers!

  • The lid fits neatly into the pan so it is not a storage hassel

Big City Slider Station CONS:

  • They do not give you/suggest a way to get the Sliders out of the pan (smart people like me use a fork or scewer

  • Each slider patty ends up swimming in it’s only little pool of grease. Between each batch, I had the poor the grease out (i ended up pouring it into another frying pan that was in the sink). Basically there is no elegant way to get the grease out of 5 little slider chambers

  • ALSO, when you are lifting the lid to remove the patties, that grease will SPATER so watch out!

  • You need to eat like 3 or 4 of them to feel full… so my family of 4 polished off the sliders as I was cooking the remaining batches. Next time I need to think more about how to keep 1 batch warm while the next cooks so we can all eat together.

  • When you have access to a grill, eating burgers cooked in a pan on the stove should be a last resort

All and all the Big City Slider Station is a pretty cute toy. Not a kitchen MUST HAVE, but something that’ll be fun to pull out every once and a while. That, to me, is an infomercial success :D

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