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Beat the System with Amazon Groceries

You know how whenever you want to buy something on Amazon, and it cost $19.99… but you see that little yellow truck, enticing you to spend $5 and get FREE SHIPPING… so you end up buying something that is like $15 which you don’t really need… but hey, FREE SHIPPING.

Well, now there is the concept of groceries at Amazon… it has been around for a while I think, but who ever thinks to look online for groceries, especially from AMAZON. Well, I took a peak and it turns out that your groceries qualify for the SUPER SAVER FREE SHIPPING! Nice. So instead of buying a $17 CD that you could have just downloaded online for free… you can spend the difference on non perishable food items that you actually would be consuming anyway. Think Goldfish Crackers… or Diapers (those people with little kiddies go through a lot of those… just think, they could be showing up at the door for free… NO gas and No trip to the store with you diaper clad miniperson). My favorite non-perishable are the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cliff Bars. Yumm-O.

Most of the nonperishables they’re selling are in CostCo like quantities, which actually isnt too bad considering you do not need a membership and FREE SHIPPING! There is also a subscribe and save option for items you routinely shop for. Im sure I’m not the only person obsessed about getting things sent to my house for free… right?

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