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Meet The Simpsons

A simple movie poster is just ssoooo yesterday. If you want to draw in the summer movie going crowd, you need a BIG idea… like, life sized! Not that I think The Simpsons Movie will have a hard time drawing crowds… but this was just a cool idea on their part:

This display was at the Galleria Area AMC Theatre, where my family and I go to see Open Caption Movies. One problem: The display was set up RIGHT BEHIND this big pillar, obstructing what could have been a great the shot. If I were the agency, I’d be all over that, making my minions check displays undercover to make sure atrocities like that weren’t occuring/get them to move the display to a better location. I’d also have a minion in front of the displays with a Polaroid camera, at least in the week or so leading up to Opening Weekend. You can even get branded Polaroid prints where that white part at the bottom has your logo/website/whatever the hell you want on it. People love free stuff, and that little photo with your brand all over it would be on Fridges and in Scrapbooks from now until the end of time (or whenever those Polaroids fade). Start some BUZZ and maybe get some PR out of it (the local news is always playing bits of random stuff, this happy Simpsons photo opp could be just the story they need to keep the broadcast from only talking about war, crime, murders and all the other reasons people hate watching the news.)

I could be your marketing minion. Hire me.

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