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Going on a Houston BBQ Adventure- Killen’s

Update 5.26.15 When I wrote this blog post, Houston had been getting a week of scattered Thunder Storm combined with clear sky days. I did not anticipate the severity of the storm on Memorial Day and resulting #HoustonFlood. My heart goes out to Houstonians as we try to recover and rebuild. I look forward to supporting the local business like Killen’s as soon as possible.

As long as the weather in Houston cooperates, the plan is to try out Killen’s in Pearland for my Birthday this week!

Texas BBQ
image from Reddit
Their menu looks delicious, and they have Daily Specials. AND I hear they have excellent banana pudding.

Yes, they opened over a year ago. But when a friend said she wanted to visit me this Fall, I started on a search to find the Best of Houston (so she can have the greatest trip!). Texas BBQ is obviously something she needs to experience. And since my search started, the name Killen’s pops up All. The. Time. (Like them on Facebook to get lovely pictures of BBQ in your newsfeed)

Food Network: Top 5 BBQ in America
Houston Eater: The Essential 38 Houston Restaurants, April 2015
Houston Chronicle Food Critic gives it 4 Stars
ZAGAT Houston’s Best Cheap Eats (Top-rated Houston restaurants under $25.)
30 Things You Need to Eat and Drink This Summer in Houston
4.5 Stars on Yelp
Forbes Travel Guide says he is the KING of Houston BBQ
Mentioned in Travel + Leisure
Representing at the Houston BBQ Festival The Chronicle says it’s a Superstar!
AND Thanks to Sports Illustrated, I know you can show up before 11am and take-a-ticket (Deli Style)

Tickets are so you don’t have to stand in line while you wait for us to open. Grab a ticket and feel free to wait in your car or in the shade or at a picnic table. It’s up to y’all to get lined up in order before we open. Please grab one ticket per person.

Thank you.

No fighting, it’s just bbq.

Here is a good How-To read for 1st timers to Killen’s... it’s great to know what to expect once you finally make a trip out there. Thanks Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt!


Alton Brown stopped there during his most recent trip to Houston.

JJ Watt has said on multiple occasions that it’s his favorite place to eat in Houston.


A photo posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on

Someone’s not going to paint their wall anytime soon..

JJWatt at Killens

If you have any great Houston “Must See” “Must Do” “Must Eat” ideas… please let me know (comment or email)!

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