In My Life, I've Loved Them All

If you want to arrange it, this World you can change it….

Quite possibly my favorite Christmas Song… but will probably never be on the radio because it is a bit long. A beautiful little story if you haven’t seen it before.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Trans Siberian Orchestra

In an old city bar
That is never too far
From the places that gather
The dreams that have been

In the safety of night
With its old neon light
It beckons to strangers
And they always come in

And the snow it was falling
The neon was calling
The music was low
And the night
Christmas Eve

And here was the danger
That even with strangers
Inside of this night
It’s easier to believe

Then the door opened wide
And a child came inside
That no one in the bar
Had seen there before

And he asked did we know
That outside in the snow
That someone was lost
Standing outside our door

Then the bartender gazed
Through the smoke and the haze

Through the window and ice
To a corner streetlight

Where standing alone
By a broken pay phone
Was a girl the child said
Could no longer get home

And the snow it was falling
The neon was calling
The bartender turned
And said , not that I care
But how would you know this?
The child said I’ve noticed
If one could be home
They’d be all ready there

Then the bartender came out from behind the bar
And in all of his life he was never that far
And he did something else that he thought no one saw
When he took all the cash from the register draw

Then he followed the child to the girl cross the street
And we watched from the bar as they started to speak
Then he called for a cab and he said J.F.K.
Put the girl in the cab and the cab drove away
And we saw in his hand
That the cash was all gone
From the light that she had
wished upon

If you want to arrange it
This world you can change it
If we could somehow make this
Christmas thing last

By helping a neighbor
Or even a stranger

And to know who needs help
You need only just ask

Then he looked for the child
But the child wasn’t there
Just the wind and the snow
Waltzing dreams through the air

So he walked back inside
Somehow different I think
For the rest of the night
No one paid for a drink

And the cynics will say
That some neighborhood kid
Wandered in on some bums
In the world where they hid

But they weren’t there
So they couldn’t see
By an old neon star
On that, night, Christmas Eve

When the snow it was falling
The neon was calling
And in case you should wonder
In case you should care

Why we’re on our own
Never went home
On that night of all nights
We were already there

Then all at once inside that night
He saw it all so clear
The answer that he sought so long
Had always been so near

It’s every gift that someone gives
Expecting nothing back
It’s every kindness that we do
Each simple little act

{Office Supply} 3D Snowflakes

Part Martha Stewart. Part MacGyver. Back in 2009 I figured out a way to decorate for Christmas using only supplies I could find around the Office.

I was working over Thanksgiving weekend, and time was moving at a snail’s pace.  When you work for a company that is open 24hrs a day, someone has to be around to answer the phone… even if the phone is not ringing.  At. All.  So I grabbed some paper from the recycle bin and made a basic snowflake.  And another. 

Then I tried making a 3D Snowflake I’d seen online (before Pinterest even existed.  Mind blowing, I know.).  Before long there were a dozen snowflakes in different sizes.

3D Snowflakes by Cindy Campbell
Here are the supplies you’ll need to make (and HANG) some 3D Snowflakes around you Office:

For the Snowflakes

Clear Tape
Stapler and Staples

To Hang the Snowflakes

Paper Clips
Needle and Thread*
*I work in a hotel, so there are a lot of partially used sewing kits lying around

 There are several tutorials out there on how to make the 3D Snowflakes. The original craft forum post no longer exists… but this posts shows you the basic steps. You essentially are creating 6 3D icicle shapes and stapling them together.

To hang the snowflakes, cut the thread at varying lengths (depending on how high your ceiling is… and how tall you co-workers are! ).  Use the needle to punch a hole in the top of the snowflake.  Pull one of the lengths of thread through enough so you can tie a knot.  Tie a paperclip to the other end of the thread.

Now climb the ladder and lift a ceiling tile just enough to slide the paperclip in-between the tile and the metal railing.  The weight of the tile will securely hold the snowflake!  Be careful when lifting the tiles, because dust/crumbles of some sort are bound to fall on your face.  You have been warned.

I hung the snowflakes in a high-traffic area of the office, and it was such a pleasant surprise for my coworkers when the returned from their Thanksgiving breaks!

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