In My Life, I've Loved Them All

“There is a small tank in MY parking space…”

Do not park in those spots where the sign says “Resident Only. All others will be towed.” Even if you are driving the Batmobile.


Yes, I saw the Batmobile. Dark Knight Version. Just chillin’ on the top of my work’s parking structure during a recent Anime Convention/Import Car Show.

When it was first dropped off at the hotel, they put it in a “Residents Only” parking area. And The Woodlands’ condo owners were not having it. Not one bit! Can you imagine the phone calls the landlord was receiving…
“There is a small tank in MY parking space…”
“I think there is a Batmobile parked where my Audi is supposed to be…”
“Christian Bale is not in it, so it must be towed at once!”
That would have been an interesting conversation with the tow truck driver too.

Luckily, after multiple tries, they were able to locate the official Batmobile-drop-off-people and got it moved safely to the top of the parking garage.

Crisis adverted.

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