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The Next Great Vanilla Cupcake?

As far as Vanilla Cupcakes go, I’ve always turned to the yummy Magnolia Bakery recipe. They taste very very good… but are a small step away from being considered a muffin. I’ve been looking for something a little more… well… cakey.

During one of my random internet journeys (most likely started a Bakerella, which linked to another baking site, then to another…) I came across the Joy of Baking website and their Vanilla Cupcakes Tested Recipe & Video. The recipe was rated #2 of their Top Recipes of 2010.

Here is the video. It is long. I must admit, I didn’t watch the whole thing. The demonstrator is just not engaging enough to keep one’s attention for more than 5 minutes, let alone 14 (sorry :|).

I think I have the right personality and knowledge combo to be a great online demonstrator. Really! I’ve started my own YouTube Channel and hope to start loading videos to it on a semi regular basis. Unfortunately, my camera at the moment does not seem to want to sync up the audio and video correctly… but hopefully I’ll get that figured out soon so you can actually watch me talk in the videos ;)

And here is the actual cupcake recipe… different proportions than Magnolia’s cupcakes, so I think I’ll have to give it a try :D I’ll keep you posted on if it’s a success or failure.

If you have tried this recipe, or have another Vanilla Cupcake recipe (besides the boxed mix kind), let me know in the comments below!

I made these cupcakes on 4-4-11.
They are not good. I’m sorry, they are so dry they’re pretty much inediable.
We’ve been eating the icing (from a can) off the top and throwing the remaining cupcake away.
For now, the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake is tops.

PLEASE if you have a good vanilla cupcake recipe, one that is light and cakey, let me know!

Also, check out Cake Journal! She has some fabulous techniques on how to decorate cupcakes, among many other fabulous things :D

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