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10 Simple Things You Can Do
To Help Protect the Earth

While cleaning off my desk today, I came across this list the World Wildlife Fund mailed to me…

The Earth

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Protect the Earth

Put on a sweater. Remember, when you turn up the heat in the wintertime, your furnace is probably burning fossil fuels. A sweater or a nice warm robe will keep you even warmer and will help conserve resources and reduce climate change.

Summer time on your end of the globe? Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees or off when you are away. Using ceiling or room fans allows you to set the thermostat higher because the air movement will cool the room. Always take into account health considerations and be sure to drink plenty of fluids in warm weather.

Put one foot in front of the other. One hundred years ago, 99.9% of people got by without cars! They took the train; they lived near their workplaces…and they walked. Using fuel-efficient cars is important, but we can save even more fuel by simply driving less.

Go for seconds. Recycling doesn’t only mean separating your cans and bottles. It can mean using things a second or third time. That nice padded envelope you got in the mail, for example? Instead of throwing it away, scratch out the address, tear off the stamps and use it again.

Watch your waste. Items you may be throwing away can contaminate the soil and water for thousands of years. Your community probably has special disposal procedures for things like used oil and batteries. Ink cartridges can probably be recycled where you bought them. And many of the new superefficient light bulbs contain mercury, so proper disposal is crucial. Check with the store where you buy them.

Paper nor plastic. Bring you bags with you! By taking reusable bags to the grocery store, you can cut down on the 350 bags the average American uses each year and reduce needless deaths to marine life caused by plastic bags that end up in streams, rivers and oceans.

BYOB. Last year Americans went through about 50 billion plastic water bottles. Fill up a reusable water bottle at home and bring it with you. Don’t like the taste of your tap water? Buy a filter! (Remember, much of the bottled water sold today is filtered tap water, anyway…)

Flip’em off. In much of America we can’t even see the stars anymore, due in part to all the electric lights. Keep the light on in the room you’re in, but keep the rest of your house dark. You’ll find the dark is soothing.

Get in touch with your roots. Plant a tree! Good for the soil, good for the birds, good for reducing global warming – and good for the air you’re breathing!

Get off. Catalogs are great when they’re from companies you like to order from. But if you’re getting catalogs from companies you don’t buy from, call them and tell them to get you off their list – and that’s an order.

Support WWF. The World Wildlife Fund working to protect endangered species and preserve their habitats. Time is running out for many of the animals you love. There are many more non-profit organizations working to keep our planet healthy too. Here is a list of some more organizations that can use you support!

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Playing in the Kitchen: Lemon Cake Pie

Golden brown on top.
Then a spongy cakey layer.
Then a gooey lemony layer.
And crust too.

This pie is definitely a family favorite, and the recipe has been passed down for several generations (on my mom’s side).

Lemon Cake Pie

Here is the original recipe, as written in my Grandma’s Cookbook:

Line a pie pan with crust. Take butter the size of a walnut, cream with 1 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon flour. Separate 2 eggs. Beat yolks and add to dry ingredients. Add 1 cup sweet milk and stir up well. Grate the rind of a lemon, add juice of 1 lemon, stir into liquid. Lightly fold in beaten egg whites. Pour into crust and bake in a moderate oven. Bake until nicely brown on top and fluffed up.

Needless to say, this pie never comes out quite the same. Each time I make it, I try to figure out what I did right or what I did wrong, hoping it will come out better the next time.

Once I used too moderate of an oven, or maybe just didn’t let it cook long enough. I brought it to my friend Jenn becuase I know she likes lemon treats… and sadly when we cut through the cake layer, the rest of the pie oozed all over the place. It was still totally edible, we just needed spoons instead of forks :| Now I know, “moderate” is your basic 350 degree oven.

The part of the recipe my family always jokes about it the butter measurement: the size of a walnut. Not that it is an exact science… but what kind of walnut are we talking about?! Surely walnuts 100 years ago were smaller than the walnuts of today. We’ve come to the agreement that a tablespoon is about the right amount of butter :D

And what to do with the egg whites? Beat them of course, but how long? I like beating them by hand with my big balloon wisk (my arms could use the exercise, and this pie has been made long before the electric mixers were an option anyway, so it can be done!). It’s probably easier to eyeball how stiff the whites are getting when you do it by hand too, I let them get to a stiff peak stage. It’s the folding in part that always makes me nervous. They make it look so easy on TV… I try my best to fold and not stir, and have accepted the fact the filling will look a bit lumpy.

This time, the pie did get “nicely brown,” hooray! Seems the pie needs about 45 minutes in the moderate oven. It is puffy looking when it comes out of the oven… and then un-puffs a little as it cools. Sometimes is pulls away from the side crust as it unpuffs, which makes me sad. But mom says that happened to Grandma when she cooked it too.

Lemon Cake Pie

Whenever we get lemons from the neighbors, it’s almost a given that a Lemon Cake Pie is in the near future. So bright, delicious and, once you navigate through the recipe, comes together pretty easily (especially if you cheat and use a store bought crust… shhhh).

I definitely encourage you to try this recipe. If you do, let me know how it turns out!

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