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What’s in a (Domain) Name?

Is it narcissistic to have your name in your domain name? No No No, I say! And I’m not the only one… here’s another viral blog list of people like me who creatively (or not) incorporate their name into their domain.

I found this list on a random site while searching for a way to add domain search to my website, CMC Sites. PS thanks Google for sending me to a page that had nothing to do with what I needed… instead providing another distraction from getting real work accomplished. But I digress.

Here you go:

The Rules
To be included on this list, the author’s name has to be included in the domain name. You don’t have to have your full name in the domain, just your first or last name somewhere… Subdomains don’t count. Also, it does not count if your blog is hosted on a free site (free site= lack of commitment!).

The Instructions

***Start Copying Here***

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the ENTIRE list below and add it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, you can change the titles of the blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog. Add your site to “My Originals.”

3) Take “My Adds” and move them into the “My Originals” list.

4) Add the site you copied this list from into the “My Originals” list

5) Add 3 Brand New Narcissistic Bloggers that you know of

My Adds:

Lindsay Fincher
Will Young
Ryan Hughes

My Originals:

Bill Hartzer
Jim Boykin
Jaan Kanellis
Gary Lee
Ed Lau
John Chow
Nate Whitehill
Stephen Fung
Michael Kwan
Jeff Kee
Stuart Hannig
Hannes Johnson
Jimi Morrison
Nathan Drach
Saman Sadeghi
Derek Semmler
Kelly Cho

***Stop Copying Here***

Pass it on

Author Kurt Vonnegut Dies- A Response to Tragedy

Author Kurt Vonnegut Dies At 84, Kurt Vonnegut, Influential Author Of ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’ And ‘Cat’s Cradle,’ Dies At 84 – CBS News

Sadly, I found out that Kurt Vonnegut died through an email newsletter from BORDERS titled “Remembering Kurt Vonnegut.” There was a link to a nice reflection piece about the life and writings of Vonnegut… and then links to purchase his books.

Looking at this email reminded me of my Business Ethics (not an oxymoron) class I took in college. This course is one I wont soon forget… 8am tues/thurs class Fall 2001 semester… that was the class I walked out of on 9/11/01, only to run into my friends Sarah and Catherine who told me a plane had just hit the World Trade Center.

My group project for this class was an ethical analysis of corporate response to the events/tragedies of 9-11. Basically, we tried to determine what was an appropriate response for business to take and what activities were really just “taking advantage” of the situation. For example, a major car company took out a full page ad in the NY Times expressing their condolences. No pictures, just their logo on white text on a black background. It could be taken for what it was, a major company acknowledging the gravity of the situation and expressing sincere condolences. It could also be viewed as a backhanded way of saying “Hey look at us, we care. We care about the people. Where are the other companies? Our company cares about you in this time of need. See our logo? Buy our cars because we care about you.” Another company, famous for “Good Things” had a pop up ad on their website that basically read “Show you are proud to be am American, bake an apple pie. Click here for recipe and order the tools…”

There were countless examples of varying corporate responses, and in the end I am not sure we came to a concise conclusion. If a company just ignored the tragedy, they would be considered heartless and out of touch… but if the company mentions the tragedy/uses an Americana theme in their ads, they run the risk of looking like some sort of predator taking advantage of the tragedy and sudden burst of patriotism in Americans. Sadly, there is virtually no such thing as a Selfless Good Deed.

Borders response to the death of Kurt Vonnegut was thoughtful and appropriate. However I wish the email was exclusively about Vonnegut, in the fashion of a “Breaking News” email you’d receive from a news website. Borders instead chose to use Vonnegut as a lead in to a list of sales specials. Any thoughts?

Sierra Club

Bunny Tails

A lady opened her refrigerator and saw a rabbit sitting on one of the shelves.
“What are you doing in there?” she asked.

The rabbit replied:
“This is a Westinghouse, isn’t it?”,
to which the lady replied
“Well,” the rabbit said,

“I’m westing.”

Happy Easter!

Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series

Taking 40 camera operators and 2,000 days of shooting in 204 locations in 60 countries, Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth miniseries is a landmark event.
And it’s left Oprah nearly speechless. “I’ve been in television all of my life, and I have never seen anything this good on television—ever.”

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