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New Hair


I got a simple haircut at Hair Cult in Hoboken… 2 inches were actually taken off, but its hard to tell because my hair is so straight! This is the first time EVER a straightening iron has been used on my hair, and I dont plan on turning it into a habit. And yes, the bangs are still there… going to try growing them out again, if I can get over my forehead anxiety.

PS It has been a year and my hair is still so thin… the unfortunate side effect of too much advanced advertising stress my senior year of college sigh so sad

There’s a new Pyramid in town

Have you seen the new USDA Food Pyramid?


There are actually 12 of them, based on your age, gender and physical activity. You can find yours at

There has been a lot of criticism over this new pyramid…

ABC TV “Eating has never been so confusing.”
Time magazine “about as useful as an amber terror alert.”
The Rhode Island Providence Journal “McPyramid scheme.” (The marketing firm that developed the new pyramid campaign also has McDonalds as a client)
The Times Leader of Willkes Barre, Pa “a puzzling mess.”
The Kansas Wichita Eagle “It’s like one of those baffling pictographic diagrams you see on warning labels—full of slashes, circles, exclamation points and stick-figure men with dots for heads, but signifying nothing.”
The Houston Chronicle “eating well shouldn’t be so complicated.”

Too complicated? Seriously??? If eating correctly was easy, everyone would be fit and healthy and we wouldn’t need a guide in the first place. Personally, I can’t complain about some free information on eating well from a reliable source. But maybe it is silly to trust the FDA.

Race for Hope


On May 1st, 2005 I am participating in the Brain Tumor Society’s 8th annual Race for Hope. It’s a 5k event, and I am excited to be running/walking with my AFW brothers!

This is only one of many worthy causes out there… Last year, the Brain Tumor Society gave 1.3 million dollars to brain tumor research. This year it hopes to give even more. Every dollar earned helps improve the quality of life of brain tumor patients and their families. It also brings the world one step closer to a cure.

You can sponsor me and AFW either online or by mail. All donations are tax deductible.

It will be great to see DC again and reunite with my GW friends in the area. How the time flies! If you are going to be in DC April 30-May 2, let me know!

Not so far off ;)

It’s not often that one of the random online quizze things actually means something… but this one seemed to be successful :)
Though you have to think twice about someone who would date Kirsten Dunst.

Jake Gallenhaal

You prefer the boy next door all around sweet guy.
He knows how to woo you to ultimate bliss
without expecting you to kiss his feet. He is
simply perfect.

YOUR PERFECT MAN IS…..............
brought to you by Quizilla

Love thy kitchen

food·ie (f??’d ?)
n. Slang
A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet

Though I wouldn’t consider myself a gourmet just yet, I do love food and cooking. Can you blame me? I’ve been playing in the kitchen since I was in diapers…


My dad bulit it for me and over the years I stocked it with Fun with Food items. I really loved that kitchen. It has since been been donated to a pre-school in California, hopefully still bringing joy to little hearts.

I still love being in the kitchen, trying new recipes and cooking old family favorites. Some things work out, some not so much… I do have my lovely new KitchenAid Mixer to help me out! My collection of cookbooks and recipes grows every day, and I’ll be sure to share the good ones I come across.

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