In My Life, I've Loved Them All

Coffee Filter Flower Breakdown

A rose for mom.
That I made.
Out of coffee filters.

Coffee Filter Rose

There is already a fabulous photo step-by-step tutorial available on Crafster. SarahJSaturday made such a beautiful bouquet; I could not believe they weren’t real and, in fact, coffee filters. I originally found the bouquet via a post on Dollar Store Crafts. Amazing.


After making just one of these flowers, I’ve determined making multiple/enough for a full arrangement would cause me to loose my mind.

You have been warned.

The instructions are basic and straight forward. The supply cost is next to nothing.

But one flower will take AT LEAST and hour or so to construct and paint.

If you need a whole bouquet, just plan ahead… as in get started a week or so before you want it delivered/presented. In the end, you have a beautiful piece of art that will last indefinitely. :D

The Birthday Treat Bag, All Grown Up

When we were young, we left birthday parties with a plastic treat bag of excitement… filled with candy, little games and fake tattoos.
Then we started growing up, and somewhere in our 20’s leaving a birthday party now meant a cab ride and a hangover the next morning.

When I handed my friends a treat bag at my last birthday, I got a combination of gratitude and excitement! While I was tempted to go the nostalgic route, a trip through Party City left me less than inspired. Instead, I decided to give the goodie-bag a grown up spin, & my friends received a perfecting reflection of the person I’ve become (avid crafter and baker).

Cupcake in a Jar

Cupcakes in Mason Jars are insanley popular right now, it seems. Well, anything in a mason jar seems to be popular. These aren’t “directions on How-To” make them…. because they seem pretty straight forward. Put cupcake in jar. But there are a few tricks/tip that I learned…

      Steralize the jars in the dishwasher and the lids/rings in a pot of boiling water

      Your standard cupcake tin is the PERFECT size! So bake your cakes so there will not be a muffin top… and they’ll fit right in a pint size mason jar

      Also, a pint mason jar is just the right size for 2 cupcakes

      In my effort to have distinct “layers” I used WAY too much frosting. Next time I’ll try a different type of filling/more of a whipped icing so it wont be so coyingly sweet.

All in all I think it was a very successful “take home” for all my friend who celebrated the Big 3-0 with me!

Grown-Up Treat Bag

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