In My Life, I've Loved Them All

The List

This space is reserved for all the things, big and small, that urk me in life…Andy Rooney style. Maybe writing them down will make them bother me a little less… hopefully you can relate to some…

Comments welcome :D

In no particular order-

  • People who put stickers, of any kind, on cars- Seriously? A $2 sticker on a vehicle that costs thousands of dollars? Do you really want to cheapen your investment just to entertain the person behind you while you drive? Odds are you don’t even know that person behind you. It’s like putting a happy face sticker on a wedding dress.
  • Songs/radio commercials with siren-like-sounds in the background- Freaks me out every time… I think there is a ambulance behind me, or a cop eek… worse for me is that I cannot tell which direction sound comes from. I used to do a 360 degree check, now I just turn off the :o/
  • People who can distinguish between fact and opinion- These people often talk very loud and in many instances have no idea what the %^*$ they’re talking about… Just because you speak in a loud and and condescending tone doesn’t make you right… just because someone has a different opinion on the subject doesn’t make them wrong.
  • Cars that cut you off and immediately brake- I’m sorry, I like to leave a comfortable cushion between me and the car in front of me. Sometimes thats just enough space for your vehicle… if we were parallel parking… but NO, we’re on a highway, so if you have to slam on your breaks, maybe that means there wasn’t enough room for you in the first place… but hey, you will get to your destination a second sooner now, so that makes it ok.

To be continued…

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