In My Life, I've Loved Them All

So many craft ideas, so little time

The more I surf around the internet, the more I find blogs of fellow crafters that are out-crafting me by about a billion percent. But I shall persevere. And borrow ideas, and share mine too :D.

Here are a few of the best I have found recently. They are just so clever!

Iron on decals from plastic bags
After some experimenting, the genius over at figured out how to use pretty plastic bags into iron-ons for shirts and other fabricy things. And they’re permanent/machine washable. You can either cut out images (i.e. characters from Disney Store bags) or just use different colored bags to make pieces to your own design. Possibilities = endless :D

Telephone Book Graffiti Lamp
This looks seriously cool. I have paint. I have old phone books. I could make this! Though I don’t really have a need for a lamp or an empty vertical surface to put it on :| Note to self: clean room, then maybe you can get yourself a lamp.

8 Foot Giant Squid Pillow
Think body pillow. In the shape of a giant squid. I was trying to think of what other animals are body-pillow-shaped, for any non-squid fans out there. But many bloggers seemed to have tried this squid pillows, all with great results. Again, I do not have a ton of space for a huge pillow I don’t technically need, but it looks like a very fun project indeed.

Coffee Filter Roses
These are seriously beautiful! So lifelike, and the instructions look relatively uncomplicated… just a bit time consuming. BUT I already own all the materials needed to make them (except watercolors paints… darn. But those are easy to come by.) I originally saw the idea over on, but apparently Martha Stewart has taken ownership of the craft as well. And hers look devastatingly real, go figure. If you don’t want to make on, will sell you one… for $60! Geepers.

Crochet Hats, Dolls, and More
My favorite crochet blog to peruse is April Draven. She designs the most beautiful hats and has made some seriously awesome aragami (crochet stuffed dolls and animals). My personal favorite is the Starlight Pony! The thought of making my own pattern is daunting, and the thought of seeing something and recreating it is just unphathomable … but April can! Re: Bella hat from Twilight. She used to offer all of her patterns free through her website, but someone decided to take them and profit from them with giving April any credit at all. Seriously not cool. So now some are free, and the rest are sold for a very reasonably price though her etsy shop. My gauge is still a little wonky when I crochet, but I do want to brave making one of these cute cute dolls… even if it does turn out 3x too big :|

Custom Hypertufa Planters
I get Martha Stewart Living in the Mail for free (thanks to my super-stash of Coke Reward Points… yes, some of us do use those codes on the bottom of soda bottle caps). Of course, ever issue is full of good ideas and things I want to attempt. These super cute planters caught my eye. She made several beautiful ones using nesting whicker baskets and stainless steel mixing bowls. I have family and friend who actually do like planting and gardening. These little ones would make such a cute gift idea, no?

Well, I’ll definitely be posting more ideas as I come across them… making a virtual craft to-do-list for myself. For now, I’m busy finishing up my penguin quilt for the County Fair (it’s due a week from today… I’m such a procrastinator).

Have you seen/do you have a great craft idea? Leave a note in the comment section below, I’d love to see it!!

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