In My Life, I've Loved Them All

Gainfully Employed, and whatnot

Yes, that is right… about 1.5 years after my involuntary departure from Ziff, I am back on the W2 wagon. After more interviews than I care to count over the past 500 someodd days, I finally got the satisfaction of hearing Yes we want to offer you a job.

Now I’m officially working full time at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. The Woodlands is an upper crust type community just north of Houston. Kristi always said that it reminded her a lot of South Orange Count (ie home to me)... there is even a new shopping “center” near the Marriott that remind me a lot of the Spectrum in Irvine (the current Spectrum, not the late 90’s Spectrum). The Marriott is also right across the street (and shares a parking garage with) the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion... a popular concert venue with upcoming performances from the likes of 311 and The Fray.

Working for the Mouse, Summer 2000For the interview, I was able to combine all of my life experiences into a neat little package (I think) to show I have what it takes to be an associate. I drew a lot upon my experiences working at Disneyland, which was all about guest satisfaction and something that could easily translate to a Hotel atmosphere. My full time experience at True Value Hardware also helped, especially my stories about dealing with irate customers. So you must be thinking GREAT, but those were all pre-college experiences, what is that expensive degree for? Well, what I think sent me over the top was my awesome Visit Florida Plansbook (a la Advanced Advertising Class). Lucky me, the project was all on tourism, and all of our VISIT FLORIDA research, findings and strategies can be universally applied to any vacation/resort property.

So far I have only worked a handful of days, and it has all been training. Everyone that I have met so far at work seems very nice. Adam give me a hard time because I tend to say that about EVERYONE I meet, but it’s true… I really think I am going to enjoy working with this group. And it will be nice to interact more with people on a daily basis, something you don’t get a lot of when you are running a web business from your home.
Yes, that is right, I have not just been sitting around for the past 18 months… I that time period I have launched my own company, CMC Sites. In essence, it is a successful combination of everything I learned in Business School… knowing my market and addressing a need with a unique product. The small town I live in now is full of great family owned businesses, the type of places that give the community a unique character away from main stream America. Upon moving here, and subsequently looking for local business information online, I realized that many of these places did not have a website. Accepting the fact that I am a major computer geek, I realized that I could easily help these businesses out and help them make the next step and get onto the worldwide web.

With CMC Sites, I can offer anyone affordable web solutions for their small business and organizations. From building a site, finding a unique domain name, providing branded email addresses and accounts, CMC Sites is the one-stop-shop solution. I now offer, by popular demand, eMail Marketing Solutions! Using a simple and secure web console, you can maintain a contact list, develop eMail newsletters and send 100’s, even 1000’s, a month… without worrying about traditional email server quotas (no SPAM worries here). AND, if you wanted a cool blog with a domain address that doesnt have bogspot or myspace in it ( this one!) I can help you with that too!

Ok, that was a blatant plug for my personal business… buy hey, this IS my blog and all. And I’d be more than happy to promote your business too if you’ll drop my name to some website-needing associates ;) Really my major goal is to help the not-so-computer literate people of the world have access to online marketing opportunities :D So far my work schedule has left me with the time I need to keep my business going. That could change in the future, but for now things are quite alright! Hopefully a steady paycheck well help calm my nerves and keep those gray hairs away.

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