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Quilts for Boston

Ribbon for BostonAll 4 blocks IMG_0004

Quilts for Boston
Heart and Soul of BostonBlock for BostonFor BostonBlocks for Quilts for Boston

chevron quilt squareAfter the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon in April 2013, I was heart broken and immediately wondered what can I do to help.  If I were anywhere in the vicinity I would have loved to volunteer in some type of relief effort or fund raiser…. but I was so far away.

One day, as I perused my Facebook News Feed, I saw a post from Fresh Modern Fabics (an ETSY shop I’ve ordered fabric from).  The photo of beautiful “modern” quilting fabric was a call to action from the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.  Anyone who wanted to could send in a quilt squares, and the Guild would assemble them into finished quilts to donate to those affected by the bombings.


Another day, another trunk full! #quiltsforbostonThe Modern Quilt Guild in Boston started receiving quilt blocks from around the world! The requirements were simple (use blues yellows white and grey and make a block 12 1/2” tall). This left a lot of room for creative people to quilt their hearts out. One guild member told me “the most interesting block we have received is one with a large pair of hands holding a unicorn head :)” Oh my!
I sent in 2 (at the last minute, of course). I definitely needed the practice piecing blocks, and it was all for a good cause, which made the [time consuming] process very satisfying.

There is a Flikr Group set up for people to post their squares. It’s very inspiring for anyone looking for a new/modern block to add to their next quilting project.

It is also heart warming to see all of the blocks come together into unique quilts to donate. A true reminder that shared tragedy can bring out the best in people.

On the long arm at quilters way! #quiltsforboston

Don’t let Pinterest get you down!


My response to the “stress” Pinterest is causing. 

Seriouly people. 

Calm down. 

It will be ok.


Meme by Cindy Campbell

‘Pinterest stress’ afflicts nearly half of moms, survey says

Making Peace with Pinterst

Craft Month 2013, Where Did You go?

Today is Easter. Yay!
Today is also the last day of National Craft Month. Aww.

I hope everyone has been inspired to create something new this March, whether it is picking up a previously abandoned project, brushing up on some of your old favorite skills, or trying your hand at a new craft. I’ve dabbled in a few different projects this past month (the polite way of saying some I’ve finished, some I haven’t, and some I’ve finished but have turned out a bit wonky looking. Oh dear.)

Of course, I have been doing some Glass Etching for my Etsy Shop.

I’ve also made some more cute baby onesies… I seriously have 4 or 5 friends all due at any moment. And they are all having boys. Jeepers. I really need to get smart and just make extras to be prepared for the next baby boom.

I’ve also revisited my Alpha Phi Omega T-shirt Quilt… it just didn’t seem right to cut up my official Letters, so I recreated them out of leftover t-shirt material and fabric swatches. The sewing machine is out. All of the squares have been cut. Now it’s just a matter of sewing them all together!

Late December I decided to teach myself how to knit. Operation Gratitude and relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy were asking for scarves, and the go to for yarn fashion always seems to be knit. As a crochet-er, knitting had always been a mysterious, illusive thing. But I signed up for Ravelry, watched lots of YouTube videos, and invested in some bamboo needles. So far my scarves look a little homemade, but that is just an excuse to practice more!


March was for knitting dishcloths. They are small enough to carry around and work on in my spare time. Though I have found that knitting in public attracts attention, as in people getting up close and personal to see what I am doing and ask me if I am pregnant. We’re talking crowded New York subway car close. This is what ladies must feel like when strangers want to touch their pregnant bellies. Geesh.

I hope everyone has had a fun crafting month, and will keep creating the rest of the year! I definitely intend to, especially since my jeans are getting a little snug. That is usually the sign to focus less on desserts and more on art projects. Oh dear.

{Office Supply} 3D Snowflakes

Part Martha Stewart. Part MacGyver. Back in 2009 I figured out a way to decorate for Christmas using only supplies I could find around the Office.

I was working over Thanksgiving weekend, and time was moving at a snail’s pace.  When you work for a company that is open 24hrs a day, someone has to be around to answer the phone… even if the phone is not ringing.  At. All.  So I grabbed some paper from the recycle bin and made a basic snowflake.  And another. 

Then I tried making a 3D Snowflake I’d seen online (before Pinterest even existed.  Mind blowing, I know.).  Before long there were a dozen snowflakes in different sizes.

3D Snowflakes by Cindy Campbell
Here are the supplies you’ll need to make (and HANG) some 3D Snowflakes around you Office:

For the Snowflakes

Clear Tape
Stapler and Staples

To Hang the Snowflakes

Paper Clips
Needle and Thread*
*I work in a hotel, so there are a lot of partially used sewing kits lying around

 There are several tutorials out there on how to make the 3D Snowflakes. The original craft forum post no longer exists… but this posts shows you the basic steps. You essentially are creating 6 3D icicle shapes and stapling them together.

To hang the snowflakes, cut the thread at varying lengths (depending on how high your ceiling is… and how tall you co-workers are! ).  Use the needle to punch a hole in the top of the snowflake.  Pull one of the lengths of thread through enough so you can tie a knot.  Tie a paperclip to the other end of the thread.

Now climb the ladder and lift a ceiling tile just enough to slide the paperclip in-between the tile and the metal railing.  The weight of the tile will securely hold the snowflake!  Be careful when lifting the tiles, because dust/crumbles of some sort are bound to fall on your face.  You have been warned.

I hung the snowflakes in a high-traffic area of the office, and it was such a pleasant surprise for my coworkers when the returned from their Thanksgiving breaks!

Reasons to love FALL (Christmas, you wait you turn!)

Do not be fooled by the Christmas commercials on TV or the unexpected snow fall around the country.  It is FALL!  Full of some of my favorite yearly things, including but not limited to the following:

Seasonal Beer  Fall means the weather is getting cooler an the beer is getting darker.  Excellent!  Some of my personal favorites are St Arnold’s Oktoberfest and Dogfish Head Punkin. -*I strongly encourage supporting Craft Breweries-

Turn on the Oven, Roast Everything!  There is a good reason we grill food outside in the summer time… keep the heat outside!  Why crank up the AC indoors if you are just going to turn on your oven and heat up the kitchen/house.  That is silly.  We don’t even run the dishwasher during the day in summertime.

Roasting may be my favorite method of cooking… oven is at 400 degrees+ and food gets a yummy char/caramelized deliciousness.  Roast chicken, turkey, potatoes, and even broccoli and green beans!

Barefoot Contessa Cranberry CompoteSage and Pumpkin and Cranberries, oh my!  Ah, the flavors of fall.  You should eat “seasonally” because the food tastes the best when it is in season.  Stores usually have A LOT on hand, so it is cheap too. Here is a list of healthy fall produce.

Just cool enough Not to hot and not to cold.  Pants and a Sweatshirt is just right… and cool enough at night for a blanket. When the weather gets to cold, I never want to get out of bed or even leave the house… I just want to hibernate.

Mimi's Corn ChowderSoup!  Salads are for summer.  Fall and winter means it is time for SOUP!  It keeps you warm and is very filling for not a lot ton of broth soups.  And despite my name, I recommend steering clear of canned soup!  It is SO EASY and INEXPENSIVE to make it from scratch.  Once you start making your own, you feel silly for every buying it from a can.
Here are a couple great soup recipes:
Mimi’s Corn Chowder
Best Cream of Broccoli

Leaves  Leaves are changing pretty colors!  And then falling to the ground… you don’t have to throw them in the trash… put them in the compost pile!

Thanksgiving  A Holiday centered around food, family, and being grateful for the things you have.  All of my favorite things!

Football & Basketball Sorry, but the Houston Astros were a bit of a let down this Summer. But the Texans are making things quite exciting this Fall! The Rockets season has started as well, but we have not been able to view ANY game because ComCast is blocking all home and away games for non-cable-subscribers. YAY Texans. Boo Comcast.

Is there anything I am forgetting?

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